Monday, April 25, 2011

'America's Next Great Restaurant' Recap | Dunkin' Donuts Releases Royal Wedding Doughnuts

MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011

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Daniel Boulud Won’t Let a Little Thing Like ‘No Gas’ Prevent Boulud Sud’s Opening

The city hasn't turned on the restaurant's gas yet, but Boulud Sud will open regardless.


America’s Next Great Restaurant Recap: David Rees Needs an Army of Kale Soldiers

"If I really have to go to war against Harvest Sol, I’ll need an army of Kale Soldiers."

Deliver Us

No. 7 Sub Launching Lunchtime Delivery This Week

Now you can get your General Tso's tofu or braised-short-ribs sub fixes via Seamless Web.


Quick Reminder: There’s Still Time to Enter our Modernist Cuisine Giveaway!

There are about 23 hours left to enter.


Knife Fight Doesn’t Curb Customers’ Lucali Cravings

Everything operating almost-normally at Lucali after owner's daytime knife fight.


There Are Also the ‘Hyper Vegan’ and the ‘Passive Forager’

Demetri Martin, discussing his dietary choices.


Rawr! Menu Revealed for the Leopard at des Artistes

Just what New York needs! Another menu focused on the food of Southern Italy.

Chef Shuffle

Zagat: Damon Wise Definitely Leaving Craft to Open His Own Place

He'll depart at the end of the month and his restaurant is slated for fall.


Season’s First Beer Arrives at Gowanus Yacht Club, Reopening ‘in About a Week’

The Brooklyn bar is getting closer to reopening its doors.


A Look at Pop Burger Spinoff Pop Pub, Rolling Out Breakfast and Lobster Rolls This Friday

See the space and menus for this burgers and sliders joint.

The Chain Gang

Dunkin’ Donuts Releases Its Familiar-Looking Royal Wedding Doughnuts in New York Today

It looks a lot like their Valentine's Day doughnuts.

In the Magazine

Adam Platt on David Burke Kitchen; Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld on the Dutch

Plus: "Kale rabe" isn't a real veggie but it tastes great, the long history of pizzaiolos and mobsters, all in this week's 'New York.'


Weight Watchers Targets Men; Economics of a Dollar Slice

Plus: Wal-Mart gets into the online-grocery game, Britney forbids junk food and alcohol on tour, and more, in our morning news roundup.



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