Wednesday, April 27, 2011


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April 27, 2011


1. The Science of Partying: Why Having Fun Makes You Forgetful
So you're having fun at a party, and you see a cute possibility across the room. The next day, you remember precisely what that person looks like. But you just can't remember the name â€" which is frustrating, since there's [...]

2. Among Tai Chi's Many Benefits: Raising Quality of Life in Heart Failure Patients
Previous studies have linked the practice of tai chi with a host of health benefits. It may help reduce blood pressure, lessen pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia, improve sleep, and ease depression in the elderly. Now add to the list [...]

3. Avoiding Ethical Quandaries In Embryo Donation
When it's most successful, in vitro fertilization, or IVF, yields far more embryos than a couple could ever use (unless that couple is the offspring-obsessed Duggar family). There are frequently frozen embryos left over, and the options for what to [...]

4. Rep. Giffords' Recovery Goal: To Watch Her Husband's Shuttle Launch
Ever since she began the long and often painful process of recovering from a gunshot to the head, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been focused on one thing â€" getting well enough to watch her husband, Capt. Mark Kelly, launch into [...]

5. Diet Food: Red Hot Chili Peppers May Help You Eat Less
It's long been known that spicy red peppers can help suppress appetite and burn calories. But most scientific studies of red peppers' properties used quantities of the stuff that were too large to be applicable to Americans. Now, researchers report [...]

6. Q&A: Talking Body Image Secrets With Author Diana Spechler
"My least favorite feeling in the world is feeling too fat to be seen. I want to lock myself up until I'm thin again." That's a typical comment on the website Body Confessions, recently launched by novelist Diana Spechler. Spechler, [...]

7. Defining Recovery in Anorexia â€" and Addiction
How do you define recovery from anorexia? Tuesday's New York Times explores this question â€" and highlights striking similarities to the debate over defining recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions. Reporter Abby Ellin describes the case of Dr. Suzanne [...]

8. FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes as a Tobacco Product
The Food and Drug Administration said Monday that it plans to regulate smokeless electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and won't try to regulate them under stricter rules for drug-delivery devices. The federal agency said in a letter to stakeholders Monday [...]

9. Kids With ADHD May Use Drugs and Alcohol More Often
Two recent studies find that being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in childhood may predict a child's likelihood of later dependence on nicotine, alcohol or other drugs. One new paper, which was published this month in Clinical Psychology [...]

10. Jenny McCarthy, Vaccine Expert? A Quarter of Parents Trust Celebrities


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