Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Subject: Master Your iPad2, Protection Meets Privacy, A Pocketful of Features, and More

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Master Your iPad2; Protection Meets Privacy; A Pocketful
of Features
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Master Your iPad2

After a couple of months of testing and using the iPad 2,
we've learned some cool tricks and we want to share them
with you. Whether you're a seasoned Mac or iOS user, or even
an Apple newbie, there's something here to help you get the
most out of your iPad 2. Get every tip and trick in our
extensive round-up.


Protection Meets Privacy

A heavy-handed approach to Facebook security can easily
backfire. Parental control product ZoneAlarm SocialGuard
tracks your children's Facebook accounts and reports on
actual problems while offering a good balance between
protection and privacy. Read our review to learn all the
ins and outs of this protection tool.


A Pocketful of Features

The Canon PowerShot SX230 HS is a top choice in pocket-sized
cameras. With impressive image quality, good speed, a high-
powered zoom lens, and a GPS module, the Canon PowerShot
SX230 HS is easy to recommend. See the full picture in our
full review.


Resume Sharing Writ Large

Imagine if you could make your resume available for
thousands of potential employers scattered across the
Internet: that's the idea behind the free beta of Indeed
Resume. This simple, free tool lets you share your resume on
Indeed.com, the largest job site in the United States. Find
out how this tool can boost your career in our full review.


A Balanced and Budget-Friendly Laptop

You can find better-performing and longer-lasting laptops
than the Toshiba Satellite L645-S4102, but this laptop's
price strikes a nice balance between extreme-budget models
and the slightly more costly, slightly more powerful
laptops. Will this system meet your performance needs and
budget? Find out in our complete review.



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