Monday, April 25, 2011

Newsfeed Daily Digest

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April 25, 2011


1. Cops Pick Up Viral Video Golden Boy Antoine Dodson on Pot Charges
Last year, viral video sensation Antoine Dodson warned us "hide your kids" "hide your wife," and "hide your husband." But he probably should learn to hide his stash because he wound up arrested Saturday on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, TMZ reported. The "Bed Intruder" overnight star, who NewsFeed reported in January was developing his [...]

2. Cops Pick Up Viral Video Golden Boy Antoine Dodson on Pot Charges
At last, film critic Roger Ebert has finally achieved his several-year-long goal: His 107th entry into The New Yorker's weekly cartoon caption contest has won. A couple of years ago, Ebert blogged his frustration at not making headway in the world of New Yorker cartoon captions. He explained that he had "entered the New Yorker's cartoon [...]

3. Music Monday: Fleet Foxes Get the Blues
Because I write about music for TIME, I frequently receive advance copies of albums from artists who hope that I might review their work. This sounds much cooler than it really is because most of the things I get have titles like 105 Banjo Lullabies or Man With Tuba Covers Songs by REO Speedwagon. But [...]

4. Man Tries to Hijack Plane to Libya, Thwarted By Flight Attendants
A man with a small knife tried to hijack a plane to Libya Sunday night but was overpowered by flight attendants and subsequently arrested. The man, who is reported to be a citizen of Kazakhstan, was on an Italian airline Alitalia flight from Paris to Rome.  During the flight he pulled out a knife, assaulted [...]

5. Do Your Patriotic Duty: Watch Hot Soldiers Lip Sync 'Hold it Against Me'
Yes, sir. You don't have to tell NewsFeed twice. With moves like this, perhaps a dance battle would put an end to this whole war? (Kidding, obviously!) In all seriousness, NewsFeed's glad to see the troops out in Afghanistan keeping their spirits up with this number. (See more on Afghanistan's Graffiti Wars) 266 Rein [...]

6. Lindsay Lohan's Not-So-Good Friday: 6 Key Dates in the Stolen Necklace Saga
She's accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace, and Friday Lindsay was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service. But how exactly did she get here? 

7. Secret Guantanamo Files, New Insights: Hundreds Held 'Just in Case.'
Guantanamo files revealed by Wikileaks shed light on 780 people who passed through the facility in Cuba, of which only 220 have been assessed by Americans to be dangerous international terrorists. Senior US commanders have concluded that in dozens of cases there was “no reason recorded for transfer.” The documents, which date from 2002 to [...]

8. Reading While Eating for April 25: Starstruck
From celebs to space shuttles, today's links show you the stars. Houston, We Have a Problem: What's next for the astronauts of NASA's cancelled shuttle program? (NYT) Valued At $40 Million: Warhol's self-portrait, that is. Completed in 1986 shortly before his death, Warhol's portrait is expected to bring in the big bucks at an auction [...]

9. Gabrielle Giffords Cleared For Launch--and Excited To Go
It's good news for Gabby! The doctors have determined that Rep. Giffords will be able to attend her husband Mark Kelly's launch of the the space shuttle Endeavor this Friday. Giffords is still recovering from a horrific shooting in Tucson this past January, though doctors have said she's steadily improving. Reportedly, she has just started walking a [...]

10. Kate Middleton's Coat of Arms: What Do Those Acorns Actually Mean?
What do you get a woman who is about to have everything? A coat of arms, of course. Michael and Carole Middleton, Kate's parents, commissioned a family crest to mark their daughter's April 29 nuptial. Working in conjunction with an artist at the College of Armsâ€"the esteemed institution that makes these sorts of thingsâ€"the family [...]


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