Friday, April 29, 2011

Trump Drops the F-Bomb | Gifted Kindergartners on the Rise

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011
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It's Their World Now

They Invented a Computer That Understands 'That's What She Said'

Hey, thanks for that, computer science.

Intergalactic Planetary

Launch of Endeavour Shuttle Postponed Hours Before Liftoff

Gabrielle Giffords was there.

The Donald

Donald Trump’s Incomplete Vietnam Explanation

He says he got lucky, but he didn't mention that he also got a medical deferment.


City Council Member’s 22-Year-Old Communications Director Found Dead in Her Brooklyn Apartment

Police suspect a drug overdose.

The Death Throes of Birtherism

Oh Look, Another Document Confirming That Obama Was Born in Hawaii

Birtherism — so over!

Party Like It's 1999

There Is Actually a Price Investors Think Is Too High to Pay for Facebook Stock

Don't worry. Facebook will be a-okay.

Internet-Stained Wretches

‘Bloomberg View’ Signs Up Big-Name Columnists

Ezra Klein and Jeffrey Goldberg.

Photo Op

Even Kate Middleton’s Bridesmaid Has Had Enough

As William and Kate kissed, she grimaced.

School Daze

Loaded Guns Sell for Just $3 at Flushing Elementary School

A third-grader bought a gun from his classmate yesterday.

School Daze

Even Raising a Child Genius Might Not Get Your Kindergartner Into a Good School

Thirteen percent more NYC kindergartners tested "gifted."

The Donald

Trump to China: ‘Listen You Motherf—ers, We’re Going to Tax You 25 Percent’

Watch Trump repeatedly drop the F-bomb in a speech in Las Vegas.

It's a Twister

Death Toll From Tornado Outbreak Reaches 300

"It looks like an atomic bomb went off in a straight line."

Revolt Like an Egyptian

U.S. Ambassador Alleges Qaddafi Issuing Troops Viagra

As reports of sexual violence have increased.


Miss USA’s Vagina Was Aggressively Frisked by the TSA

First, they came for our pageant queens ...

In the Water

New York Almost Got a Whole Lot More Fishzilla

Snakeheads, snakeheads, rolypoly snakeheads.



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