Monday, April 25, 2011

A Small, Powerful Superzoom; Top 10 Best Desktops; The 12 Coolest Gadgets; and More

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A Small, Powerful Superzoom Digital Camera; The Top 10 Best
Desktops; The 12 Coolest Gadgets
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A Small, Powerful Superzoom Digital Camera

If you're looking for a compact camera that's huge on zoom,
the 12.1-megapixel Nikon Coolpix S9100 has you covered--it
packs a whopping 18x optical zoom into a pocket-size body.
Jump to our full review to learn more

The Top 10 Best Desktops

Desktops have come a long way from the boring, beige boxes
of old. Now, you can get something as sleek as an all-in-one
desktop or as flashy as a boutique gaming box and even a
compact (and cheap!) nettop. We take some of the mystery out
of finding your perfect desktop to give you the 10 best
desktops on the market today.

The 12 Coolest Gadgets

Over the course of time, the average tech editor sees
hundreds of products. But while many are easy to forget,
there are the few gems that stand out, and it's not always
just because they're best in class. Take a look at some of
the most drool-worthy, lust-inducing products to pass through
the PC Labs lately.

A Plain but Powerful Laptop

If you don't need your budget laptop to make a fashion
statement, the Samsung RV511-A01 may fit the bill. What it
lacks in aesthetics it makes up with its expanded keyboard,
and its performance, which is on par with the better laptops
in this category. Full the full lowdown, check out our
review on

A Slick Photosharing App

Photorocket offers slick desktop and iPhone apps that work
together with also well-designed Web galleries for easy
photo sharing, but it's unlikely to supplant email, Facebook,
or richer photo services like Flickr and Picasa. For the
details, read our full review on

Apple iTunes Gets A Tune-Up

The preeminent music and video player/organizer now lets
iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch's get in on Home Sharing of
media. iTunes can organize apps, rent TV show, and stream to
Apple TV, AirPlay Wi-Fi devices. Version 10 added a music-
centric social network, Ping, and added UI touch-ups in this
polished, powerful app. Get all the details in our complete


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