Monday, April 25, 2011

DOMA Loses Its Defense | 500 Prisoners Escape in Afghanistan

MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2011
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The Donald

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Enemy List Continues to Grow

Newest entry: Robert De Niro.

Photo Op

Wondering If the Water in Tompkins Square Park Is Safe? Try Setting It on Fire

It's "most likely safe."

AOLington Post

Arianna Huffington Continues to Woo Employees Away From Bill Keller

Nothing personal.

Ink-Stained Wretches

Headline Guessing Game Wins Hacker-Journalist Contest

Guess whose headline.

Equal Rites

Law Firm Decides Not to Defend DOMA After All

One partner resigns over the decision.


Taliban Dug a Tunnel to Help 500 Prisoners Escape From Afghanistan Jail

Second major prison break here in three years.


Man, the Times Is Really Hooked on That Hobo They Found

Larry's near Poughkeepsie now.

Early and Often

What Are We Going to Call Jon Huntsman?

Govbassador Huntsman?

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Episcopal Church to Jim McGreevey: You Can’t Be a Priest, But It’s Not Because You’re Gay

It's because you're a jackass.

Cultural Institutions

First Amendment Protects Right to Watch Threesome in Public Library

Congress shall make no law prohibiting your viewing of threesome videos in public.

Yo Gabby Gabby

U2 Is Helping Gabrielle Giffords Recover

It's probably mostly because of their music that she has come so far.

Private Eyes Are Watching You

iPhone Tracks Your Location Even If You Opt Out [Updated]

Why we're still not freaking out.

In Other News

Times: Katie Couric Will Finally Announce She’s Ditching CBS Evening News This Week

And yep, it looks like Scott Pelley will replace her.

Revolt Like an Egyptian

NATO Cutting to the Chase in Libya?

Qaddafi's compound was bombarded this morning.


Leaked Gitmo Files Reveal Prisoners’ Threat Level Based on Flawed Evidence

In many cases, prisoners were innocent. In others, released detainees went on to terrorize again.



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