Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

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THE BUZZ$Ns-NWTlW/time23-0
Attendees and the media atwitter over Romney/Pawlenty meta-face-off at NH cattle show on their pasts. Romney on MA health care law: "It may not be perfect..... Some things worked out, some didn't... Ours is an experiment and some parts of it didn't work." T-Paw on cap and trade backing: "It was a mistake. It was

The Return of the Peking Man$Ns-NWTlW/time24-0
Obama's man in China back in the USA and ready to launch effort to replace the old boss. Is the right choice "wow!?!" or "how!?!?"? Attends White House Correspondents dinner, meets with aides. Mastermind John Weaver changes his Facebook status to a "new chapter on Sunday."

White House Correspondents' Dinner 2011$Ns-NWTlW/time25-0
Bigs head to the Beltway for annual dinner. Red carpet to start at 6:45 PM ET. Available for live feed here. Event being held at the Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Ave, NW DC.

"Refuse to Cut Things Like Clean Energy"$Ns-NWTlW/time26-0
President emphasizes call to end subsidies to oil companies in weekly address. Remarks of President Barack Obama As Prepared for Delivery Weekly Address Saturday, April 30, 2011 Washington, DC After the worst recession since the Great Depression, our economy is growing again, and we’ve gained almost 2 million private sector jobs over the last 13

"We Will Take the Lead"$Ns-NWTlW/time27-0
Rep. Lankford says Obama may "think he’s punishing CEOs of big companies, but his plan will hurt the everyday consumer" in weekly GOP response. “Hello, my name is James Lankford, and I’m a freshmen Member of Congress, working for the people of Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District. “When I listen to my constituents about the challenges



Daniels Will Sign Abortion Bill$Ns-NWTlW/time29-0
Governor Mitch Daniels, the man who proposed a “truce” on social issues, will sign a bill restricting abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and making Indiana the first state to choke off

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$Ns-NWTlW/time30-0

1.Watching You Watch the Royal Wedding: Scenes From Around the Globe$Ns-NWTlW/time31-0

2.Post-Tornado Tuscaloosa: Trying to Bring a City Back to Life$Ns-NWTlW/time32-0

3.How Syria and Libya Got to Be Turkey's Headaches$Ns-NWTlW/time33-0

In This Week's Issue$Ns-NWTlW/time34-0

Table of Contents

*How The G-Man Got His Groove Back$Ns-NWTlW/time35-0

*American Anglophilia: Missing the Point?$Ns-NWTlW/time36-0

*The Libyan Muddle$Ns-NWTlW/time37-0

*10 Questions for George H.W. Bush$Ns-NWTlW/time38-0

*Tracking the Threats Within$Ns-NWTlW/time39-0

*You Are What You Owe$Ns-NWTlW/time40-0


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