Monday, April 25, 2011

 Your Worst Passwords, Ever; The 12 Coolest Gadgets; The End of the Printed Book

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By Lance Ulanoff
April 25, 2011
Your Worst Passwords, Ever; The 12 Coolest Gadgets;
Grandmother First to Use Super WiFi; Time-wasting Easter
Egg Games and More; Retro Video: How Computers Work
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Your Worst Passwords, Ever

All I had to do was ask my Twitter followers some of
their worst and most embarrassing passwords and I was
able to compile this list. I've also added a few tips for
making passwords that work. Read, learn and enjoy.

The 12 Coolest Gadgets

As the Editor-in-Chief of, one of my favorite
activities is wandering into PC Labs and checking out the
latest collection of cool products and gadgets. There's
always something interesting to see. This story is like
one of my daily visits. Click to take the tour.

Houston Grandmother First to Use Super WiFi

There's a new form of Wi-Fi that's not necessarily faster
than traditional Wi-Fi, but it can do things that your
regular 802.11n cannot. To learn about Super Wi-Fi's
skills and where it got its first test run, follow the

Time-wasting Easter Egg Games and More

Yes, Easter is over, but that doesn't mean you can't pick
up a few more holiday skills or, perhaps, play some time-
wasting games with Easter themes. This story is ready to
help you out.

Retro Video: How Computers Work

This 1990 production is classic and may have inspired
many of you to join our very industry. Oh, and it's also
kind of funny.

Dvorak: The End of the Printed Book

Does Amazon's decision to allow e-book library checkout
with their Kindle devices mark a turning point in the
life of the printed book? Possibly. Columnist John C.
Dvorak dives into this nettlesome issue.

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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