Friday, April 22, 2011

The Best Apps for Your iPad and iPad 2; How to Recycle Your Gadgets; Sandy Bridge Chip Take Two; and More

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The 75 Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps; How to Recycle Your
Technology; Second Major Sandy Bridge Launch Chip?
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The 75 Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps

These 75 apps are the best ones you can find in Apple's App
Store. To help you figure out exactly which ones you should
download, we've grouped the apps into categories: social
networking, business and productivity, communication, games,
entertainment, creativity, and news and reference.

How to Recycle Your Technology

Celebrate Earth Day by donating your old technology or
getting rid of it in a way that's safe for the environment.
Let us help you find a drop-off point for your old phones,
computers, television sets, keyboards, and more.

Second Major Sandy Bridge Launch Chip? Impressive!

Offering performance similar to its bigger brother and
similarly outpacing almost every other mainstream desktop
CPU, the Intel Core i5-2500K chip is a true winner and a
terrific value. It showed impressive Sandy Bridge--based
performance. The integrated video may not be tops, but
otherwise it's currently hard to do much better than this
Editors' Choice--worthy CPU if you're building a media-
minded or family-focused system.

How to Get Better Photos From Your Cell Phone's Camera

These five simple guidelines will vastly improve the quality
of the pictures you take with even the crummiest camera
phone. Learn how to adjust the image quality, digital zoom,
and other settings, as well brush up the results with a
couple of apps.

Classic Moleskine Notebook Design in an App

Loyal fans of the Moleskine brand may enjoy the design of
this pretty note-taking app for the iPhone, but serious
list-makers and note-takers should might prefer one of the
more powerful alternatives that we point to in this
comparative review. Moleskine's design is darling,
especially for creative types, but the practical features
just aren't all there.

FileMaker Go (for iPad)

FileMaker Go is a well-designed iPad app that lets you
access database information from the palm of your hand. It
lacks the ability to create files, but it's a solid tool
for business users.

What the Heck is a Chumby?

The Chumby has always been difficult to describe (click the
link to see pictures). It's a multi-purpose gadget that can
act as an alarm clock, digital photo frame, and an Internet
radio. The new Chumby 8 is an excellent device while still
having an oddball design, but is a little pricey for most


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