Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Like a Laser Beam$Ns-NWT$6/time23-0
42 deploys CGI in Chicago for June jobs confab.  CGI America To Be Held in Chicago on June 29-30 New York, NY- President Bill Clinton announced today that he will host a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting focused on creating jobs and driving economic growth in the United States. The meeting, CGI America, will be

Birther Party$Ns-NWT$6/time24-0
New CBS/NY Times poll confirms astonishing consistency of Republican view of where Obama was born. 47% of GOPers said they believed Obama "was born in another country" 22% "said they did not know where he was born" 32% said they believed he was born in the U.S.

The TIME 100$Ns-NWT$6/time25-0
The most influential people in the world. Barack Obama on Gabrielle Giffords. David M. Kennedy on Barack Obama. Joseph Nye Jr. on Hillary Clinton. Rush Limbaugh on Michele Bachmann. Rahm Emanuel on Joe Biden. Bob Dole on John Boehner. Mitch Daniels on Chris Christie. Michael Bloomberg on Joe Scarborough.

The Big Questions: Trump and the GOP '12 Pack$Ns-NWT$6/time26-0
Mark Halperin's answers in this week's TIME. What is Donald Trump doing to the GOP field? Turning it upside down. Trump’s sudden surge to the top of several national horse-race polls has left his rivals dazed and confused. His iconic persona; global fame; big, swinging pocketbook; and unerring sense of self-promotion have sucked up airtime

Open Field$Ns-NWT$6/time27-0
survey finds 56% of likely GOP voters have no potential candidate who is making them feel excited. Of those who did name a candidate, 9% said they were most enthusiastic about Romney, 8% about Huckabee, 7% about Trump. 54% of respondents have a favorable view of Huckabee, followed by 51% for Palin, 42% for



Karl Rove Hates “Politicos”$Ns-NWT$6/time29-0
In today’s WSJ Karl Rove writes with disdain about the way the Obama White House is framing the coming debt limit fight on its own terms–namely, that any debt increase needs to be “c

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1.The 2011 TIME 100$Ns-NWT$6/time31-0

2.Photographer Martin Schoeller's TIME 100 Journey$Ns-NWT$6/time32-0

3.Rain: South Korea's Pop Superstar$Ns-NWT$6/time33-0

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Table of Contents

*Is Hell Dead?$Ns-NWT$6/time35-0


*Wanted: A Thoroughbred for 2012$Ns-NWT$6/time37-0

*Atlas Shrugged, The Movie: Ayn Rand Fans Get Film Of Their Own$Ns-NWT$6/time38-0

*Evil Lurking at Your Corner Store$Ns-NWT$6/time39-0

*Duck Tape$Ns-NWT$6/time40-0


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