Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Great, $750 Ultraportable Laptop; Eric Schmidt Gets a 124,999,900% Raise, How Twitter Will Kill TweetDeck, and Apple's Sloppy Suit Against Samsung.

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By Dan Costa
April 20, 2011

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The Toshiba Portege R835: A Great, $750 Ultraportable

Everybody loves the way ultraportable laptops look, but
they tend to be underpowered, very expensive, or both.
The Toshiba Portege R835 changes that. With a standard
volt processor and a built-in optical drive it is as
powerful as a full size notebook--and at $750 it is
aggressively priced as well.Get the rest of the details
in PCMag's full hands on review.

Google gives Eric Schmidt 124,999,900% Raise

Do a good job and you will get a raise eventually, Google
Eric Schmidt has done a pretty good job as CEO and the
company is rewarding him with a raise, a 124,999,900%
raise. Now granted, his starting salary was just $1, but
his current $1.2millionshould be enough to live on. Find
out what he has to do to make his bonus.

Twitter Will Kill TweetDeck

New broke this week that Twitter is in talks to acquire
TweekDeck. PCMag's Lance Ulanoff seems convinced that if
Twitter gets its feathers on TweetDeck the first thing it
will do is kill the goose that is laying golden eggs. I'm
not so sure. TweetDeck is a small agile company that has
developed an interface that is ideal for power users. Why
wouldn't Twitter try to acquire them? Anyway, check out his
column and see if TweekDeck fans have anything to worry

Apple's Sloppy, Fearful Samsung Lawsuit

Patent lawsuits are part and parcel to the tech business,
but some claims are better than others. Apple's latest suit
against rival Samsung seems pretty thin. Sascha Segan has
dug into the suit and it seems like Apple's primary gripe
is that Android phones look too much like the iPhone. Thing
is, Apple didn't invent the slab phone, the touch screen,
or the concept of icons. I just don't see much to argue about
here. Check out Sascha's column and see if you agree.

Intel Posts Record Q1, Tips Huge 2011

PC sales are declining, in part because people are buying
tablets instead of laptops and desktops. But that doesn't
seem to be hurting Intel's profits. The chip-giant just
posted its biggest quarter ever and is setting its sights
on the growing market for smartphones and tablets. It will
face stiff competition from ARM, but Intel has the cash to
do it. Find out what its game plan is in this exclusive

Why the PSPgo Failed

Can't say I'm terribly surprised, but Sony pulled the plug
on the PSPgo yesterday. I was never terribly impressed by
the device, which never seemed like a low-power version of
the PSP-3000. But why did it finally fail? The guys at have answers.

ExtremeTech: How Loud Is Too Loud for a Video Card?

Sometimes when you are testing two similar products, you have
to look pretty hard to detect the differences. The last time
PCMag's Matt Murray was testing graphics cards he noticed a
curious difference between two very similar graphics cards--
one was a LOT noisier than the other. Find out why in Matt's
latest piece for ExtremeTech.

Dan Costa
Executive Editor, PCMag
Twitter: @dancosta

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