Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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April 20, 2011


1. Why Seeing Overweight People Makes Us Eat More, Not Less
Viewers of The Biggest Loser would probably agree that watching the weight-loss show fuels them with inspiration. Seeing the obese contestants struggle makes us feel motivated to eat better, exercise and lose weight too. Turns out, that premise is only [...]

2. Should Radiation from Japan Scuttle Spring Break in Hawaii? A Mom Agonizes
There's something about having kids that can turn a fairly rational person into a neurotic worrywart. So it was with our spring break trip to Hawaii, planned long before Japan trembled, flooded and announced that the emissions from its devastated [...]

3. Can a Mother's Pregnancy Diet Influence Her Child's Future Weight?
Adding to the evidence that your baby's health may be influenced by the nine months it spends in the womb, a new study finds that a pregnant mother's diet may be associated with her child's later risk of obesity. A [...]

4. America's 10 Most Popular Prescription Drugs
The contents of America's medicine cabinets â€" as captured by IMS Health's new report on U.S. prescription drug use â€" offer an interesting snapshot of our national health. A look at the top 10 most popularly prescribed drugs, for instance, reflects [...]

5. New Alzheimer's Guidelines: Will They Help Doctors Spot the Disease Earlier?
For the first time in nearly three decades, experts have created a set of guidelines to better diagnose Alzheimer's disease in the clinic. The advice also helps doctors identify the earliest signs of the degenerative condition, even before symptoms of [...]

6. House Watch: Can Canned Pheasant Kill You?
House lost a team member last night, and he didn't save a life. A recap and the diagnoses are below, but first the standard spoiler alert: if you haven't watched the episode, “Last Temptation,” order some chicken and fire up [...]

7. Chronic Fatigue in Teens: Rare but Serious
It's not unusual for teens to stay home from school for a day or two if they're feeling under the weather. But in some uncommon cases, debilitating symptoms â€" such as joint pain and exhaustion â€" persist. A new survey [...]

8. A New Health Site in Beta Testing for Pregnant Women, New Moms
Getting pregnant and having a baby can turn the most confident woman into an uncertain, anxiety-wracked ball of nerves. There are questions like this: is the pain in my belly a sign of my uterus expanding or of impending miscarriage? [...]

9. Going Under the Knife? Ask Your Surgeon How Much He Drank Last Night
Some airlines have strict rules about how much pilots can drink the night before they're supposed to fly, and now some researchers think similar rules should apply to surgeons the night before they operate. In a two-part study involving 16 [...]

10. AIDS Trial Halted: Anti-HIV Pill Fails to Protect Women


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