Friday, April 22, 2011

The Most Influential Tech Products Ever; 75 Awesome iPad Apps; Intel Taking Atom to Android

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By Lance Ulanoff
April 22, 2011

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The Most Influential Tech Products Ever

We asked, and you answered to help us select five products that
defined the industry and our lives. They run the gamut from
phones to classic game consoles. Read the results, see how all
of you voted and then argue in the comments section.

The 75 Best iPad Apps

You managed to get your hands on an Apple iPad 2. That's quite
an accomplishment since they're in such short supply. Now you
need to find some apps. With over 80,000 iPad apps, there are a
lot of titles to peruse. I'd suggest that you start with this
list. You'll surely find a handful that are just right for you
and you new tablet. My personal favorite is in here. Can you
guess what it is?

ExtremeTech: Intel Hedges Tablet Bets with Android on Atom

Intel has a pretty firm hold on the desktop market, but the CPUs
inside virtually all of today's mainstream tablets and phones
offer anything but "Intel Inside". Intel's hoping to change that
with its Atom line high-efficiency, low energy-consumption CPUs.
ExtremeTech delves into Intel's big plans for the Netbook

ChromeOS Update brings UI Changes

We have a handful of CR-48 Google Chrome laptops lying around
here, but most of us stopped using them when we found we
couldn't do things like read USB drives or install the kind of
software necessary to get our jobs done. Overtime, however,
Google has updated the OS so the laptops are starting to seem
somewhat more useful again. looks at the latest update,
which could be the most important one yet.

Social Browser RockMelt Head to the iPhone

Marc Andreesen's browser project, RockMelt, is now on the
iPhone. I wasn't too kind to RockMelt when Andreesen announced
it in 2009, but it did look somewhat intriguing when we finally
got a look at the Chromium-based web interface in 2010. Now,
even though, relative few use RockMelt as their primary browser,
you can get a similar experience on your iPhone. AppScout has
the details.

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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