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April 20, 2011


1. Government Regulations Force U.S. Airlines to Be Nicer
The U.S. Department of Transportation issued new rules Wednesday that aim to make airlines more user-friendly. The consumer protection rules arose in response to a variety of passenger frustrations and addresses lost baggage procedures, fee disclosures, bumping compensation and tarmac delays. In a press release issued on Wednesday, the government detailed changes that will come [...]

2. Government Regulations Force U.S. Airlines to Be Nicer
"If drugs are sitting in a warehouse just waiting to be pilfered, we need to figure out a different way to make sure the people who really need them actually get them." â€" DAVID SULLIVAN, a malaria expert at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, on a report that a [...]

3. Six-Year-Old Brings Loaded Pistol to Elementary School
About 25 kindergartners were eating lunch at Ross Elementary School in Houston, Texas Tuesday when a shot rang out. One student, five-year-old Jarneshia Broussard, told the Houston Chronicle, she knew it was a gun because it went "pow." She was right; it was a gun. A loaded pistol had dropped from a six-year-old male student's [...]

4. 4/20 Viral Video: 'Weed Card' by Garfunkel & Oates
In honor of the special occasion, NewsFeed presents the singing duo Garfunkel &#38; Oates offering their tips on getting a weed card. Getting access to medical marijuana in California isn't easy; they don't just hand out that stuff! Luckily, this video spells out just exactly what you should do if you're trying to snag a [...]

5. Cinema Smackdown: After Racial Criticism, Tyler Perry Says Spike Lee Can 'Go to Hell'
Channeling his inner Madea, filmmaker Tyler Perry responded to director Spike Lee's consistent criticisms of his movies by saying this: "Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that,"  Box Office Magazine reported on its website. Perry's heavy-set matriarchal alter ego, which he made famous through his series of movies and stage plays, has [...]

6. Accessorizing 4/20: 5 Oddball Pot-Themed Trinkets
April 20th has become the de facto stoner "holiday," and marijuana enthusiasts across the nation gather covertly â€" or in some cities, not so covertly â€" to partake in the herb. Whether you're smoking or not today (and we don't advocate lighting up without a prescription), here are some wacky to fit into the pot [...]

7. Happy Days Cast Members Say the Show Still Owes Them Money
Former cast members of the popular television show Happy Days claim they're still owed merchandising revenue for their roles on a show that ended in 1984 after airing successfully for a decade. (via CNNMoney) The actors and actresses say that their contracts grant them a portion of net proceeds from any form of merchandising that [...]

8. Lunchable Goes Lower-Cal: Is Adding Fruit Enough for the Kid Classic?
Maybe that long-ago partnership with Taco Bell wasn't the best image-enhancer for Kraft Foods' Lunchables brand. Now, Kraft is spending millions of dollars creating new varieties and convincing parents they're a healthy option. Already over a decade old, the kid-friendly packaged lunch has definitely undergone some tweaks in its time. But the latest nod away [...]

9. Slam-Dunk Shoe: Adidas to Launch Basketball's Lightest Sneaker
NewsFeed can't say Adidas can make you any better at basketball. But maybe the company can make you feel like you're getting faster and jumping higher, and that's almost the same thing. By rolling out its new AdiZero Crazy Light shoe, weighing in at a scant 9.8 ounces, the German shoe giant makes paying more [...]

10. Former Rutgers Student Dharun Ravi Indicted in Tyler Clementi Suicide
A grand jury in Middlesex County, New Jersey, handed down a 15-count indictment on Wednesday charging former Rutgers University freshman, Dharun Ravi, with bias intimidation and other charges connected to his roommate Tyler Clementi's suicide. Ravi and an alleged accomplice, Molly Wei, were accused of secretly filming Clementi during a same-sex encounter in his dorm [...]


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