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April 21, 2011


1. Quotes: Lady Gaga Makes An Honest Apology for Saying the Word 'Retarded'
"To anyone that was hurt, please know that it was furiously unintentional. An honest mistake, requires honesty to make." --LADY GAGA, apologizing for using the word "retarded" in an interview while discussing people who compare her song "Born This Way" to Madonna's "Express Yourself." (via Vulture)

2. Quotes: Lady Gaga Makes An Honest Apology for Saying the Word 'Retarded'
As a married couple they will share everythingâ€"including memories of William's mother. It emerged today that William and Kate made the journey to Althorp, Diana's ancestral home and final resting place, on April 20. Once on the 14,000-acre estate, they took a boat to The Oval, an island which functions as a permanent memorial to [...]

3. Pulitzer Prize Just the Beginning for Jennifer Egan: HBO Options 'Goon Squad'
She's won a Pulitzer Prize and a spot on the 2011 TIME 100--for most people that would be enough. But for Brooklyn editor Jennifer Egan, life keeps getting better. She recently closed a deal with HBO to develop her acclaimed novel, A Visit From The Goon Squad, into a television series. Though Michael London and [...]

4. Making Amends? James Frey to Return to Oprah
Five years after being viciously confronted and chased from Oprah's couch, James Frey is slated to return for some of the show's final moments this May. The A Million Little Pieces author initially butted heads with Oprah after significant parts of his supposedly-autobiographical memoir about addiction were exposed as false. Oprah, who appears on the [...]

5. Introducing 'Viagra Beer': A Brew Specially Made for the Royal Wedding Night
Just what you need to keep the party going all night long. We've seen a lot of Royal Wedding themed memorabilia over the last few weeks (like this and this and this!) but the latest tops them all. (More on See all of our Royal Wedding coverage) The jokers over at Scotland's Brew Dog [...]

6. Chris Colfer's Great Week: First the TIME 100, Now a Sitcom Writing Gig
His incredible screen presence on Glee earned him an appearance on the 2011 TIME 100 List, but actor Chris Colfer has just begun to tap into his far-reaching abilities in the industry. Colfer has been named as the author of a pilot episode for an upcoming Disney Channel show, The Little Leftover Witch, in a move [...]

7. Quotes: Barack Obama on Mark Zuckerberg's Wardrobe
"My name is Barack Obama, and I'm the guy that got Mark [Zuckerberg] to wear a jacket and tie." â€" PRESIDENT OBAMA, during an interview with founder Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's headquarters on Wednesday (via Huffington Post. See video at Techland)

8. The Most Important Royal Wedding Question: What's For Lunch?
Well, actually, nothing. Royal wedding guests shouldn't expect a lavish meal. They ought to come with their tummies full, unless they decide to indulge decadently â€" in, um, finger food. (More on See pictures of British royal weddings) In a blast to tradition, the couple will be serving about eight different types of canapés to [...]

9. Reading While Eating for April 21: Clever and Creative
Innovative and unique ideas take center stage in today's links. USS Lego: Legos serve as this artist's medium. He created a 22 foot model of the USS Intrepid using 250,000 pieces. (Telegraph) Seeing Symmetry: Need a little beauty in your life? Watch this mesmerizing video. (GOOD) Horse Decor: Actress Amanda Seyfried has an unusual taste [...]

10. Viral Video: Dmitri Medvedev Busts a Move at the Most Boring-Looking Party Ever
Does your idea of an awesome party include a bunch of middle-aged suits struggling to dance? Yeah, neither does ours. This video of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev dancing to the '90s song "American Boy" was posted on YouTube Tuesday and has quickly amassed more than a million views. (And for reference, Medvedev isn't the one mugging [...]


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