Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Trump Is So Popular Right Now | Graydon Carter Remarks on Fallen 'VF' Photographer

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Party Chat

Graydon Carter Doesn’t ‘Encourage’ Journalists to Cover War-Torn Middle East

The 'Vanity Fair' editor remarks on one of his fallen photographers, Tim Hetherington.


Let’s Name the Mystery Cat That Washed Ashore on Governors Island

Feline Gonzalez?

Sexy Things

New York Times Discovers Vibrators


Great Minds

Paul Krugman Not-So-Subtly Angles for His Own TV Show

"There Are No TV Series About Heroic Economists"

Early and Often

George Pataki 99.9 Percent Not Running for President

Just say never!

Equal Rites

Obama Continues to Hint That His Continuing Evolution on Gay Marriage Is Continuing

We expect this to continue until, oh, about November 7, 2012.


Us Weekly: Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes Expecting Second Child

It's Ethan's fourth!


Japan Makes It Illegal to Enter Evacuation Zone Around Nuclear Plant

At least 60 families were still living in the zone.

The Donald

Jerry Seinfeld Now a Rabid Anti-Trumpite

He pulls out of a charity event hosted by Donald Trump's son because of the birther thing.

Money Woes

If Obama Loves Taxes So Much, Why Doesn’t He Marry Them?

Why doesn't he just start paying more taxes now?

Pay Walls

In First Weeks, Times Online Pay Wall Earned Over 100,000 Subscribers

That's according to their (so-so) quarterly report.

Good Ship Galleon

Rajaratnam Closing Arguments Feature Cochran Impersonation, Hipster Eye Roll

“If it’s public, you must acquit."

Early and Often

Republican Voters Are Very Slowly and Gingerly Sizing Up Their Options

Or: Why Donald Trump is so popular right now.


Pipe Bomb and Propane Tanks Discovered at Mall Near Columbine

On the twelfth anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Da Plane

Now They’re Putting Air Traffic Controllers in the Cockpit

Sure, having them in the plane will help.



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