Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iPhone 5 Shipping This Fall | 21 Questions With Joey Arias

Recently on Daily Intel:
Stupid Crime of the Day

Don’t Punch Anybody in the Library, Even If They Are Looking at Porn on a Public Computer

You want to interrupt that with one of your own body parts?

Crimes and Misdemeanors

Tyler Clementi’s Roommate Indicted on Fifteen Counts

He faces up to five years in prison.

Awful Things

Conflicting Reports Over Two American Photographers Gravely Wounded or Killed in Libya

Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington were victims of a mortar attack in Misrata.

Obama Family Secrets

President Obama Wanted to Be Prime Minister of Indonesia

And other revelations from a book about his mother.

21 Questions

Joey Arias Goes to Bed at Exactly 4:45 Every Night

The downtown performance artist fills out our patented questionnaire.

Money Woes

Americans Still Don’t Want to Cut Anything We Actually Spend Money On

Surprise surprise.

The Future Is Coming

Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama Are ‘in a Relationship’

Silicon Valley sidles up to the White House.

Closing Time

New York Stock Exchange Has a Choice Between ‘Two Evils’

The DOJ weighs Nasdaq's bid for the NYSE.


New Terrorism Warning System Has No Colors

Janet Napolitano unveils the two-tiered format today.

Glenn Beck

Andrew Breitbart: Glenn Beck ‘Threw Me Under the Bus’

Bad move, Beck.

Planned Obsolescence

Apple Will Ship the iPhone 5 in September

A leak about a new product on the same day its Apple's earnings report is expected.

Equal Rites

Four Gay Groups Team Up to Better Coordinate for Marriage Equality

Let's stop all this squabbling!

The Post-Racial World

GOP Official Who E-mailed an Obama Monkey Photo Won't Resign

She didn't even know it was racist!

SEC No Evil

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against SEC for Failing to Notice a $65 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Sloppy, but not liable.

Revolt Like an Egyptian

Britain and France Send Military Advisers to Libyan Rebels, Remind Everyone of Vietnam

Could this be Britain's Vietnam?



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