Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where to Celebrate Easter Sunday | Win a Copy of 'Modernist Cuisine'


Daily New York Food News from &
What to Eat

Here’s the Menu for Monument Lane, Opening for Dinner This Friday

Plus: a look at the menu.

Empire Building

Daniel Boulud Expanding Downtown, Too

He's building a kitchen and party space at 18 Extra Place.


‘Sexy Brown’ Falafel Headed to Cobble Hill

Darna announces its arrival with a sign that's, um, interesting.

Marketing Gimmicks

Viagra-Infused Beer for Prince Willy

Royal Virility Performance contains Viagra, chocolate, Horny Goat Weed, and "a healthy dose of sarcasm."

Marketing Gimmicks

Domino’s Fires Up an Interesting Groupon

Get a pizza with up to ten toppings for eight bucks.

Grub Guide

Where to Celebrate Easter Sunday (With a Map!)

Grub Street's roundup of Easter Sunday specials.


Bourdain (Predictably?) Calls Out Slate’s Anti–El Bulli Piece

Says the piece is "snarky, sour grapesy."


First Look at Gotham 50, Opening Friday in Midtown East

Plenty of booze for nearby office types, plus an eclectic, trendy food menu.

Royal Wedding

Sorry, Royal Wedding Guests: You’re Not Getting Any Lunch

It's canapes or nothing for the international dignitaries.

The Other Critics

Sifton Enjoys Graffit; Cheshes Split on Mile End, Octavia's Porch

Plus: Sietsema introduces Yi Lan, Goldfield impressed by Porsena, and more, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.


Pros and Cons of Eating Roadkill; Consider the $410 Corkscrew

Plus: spring happy-hour specials, ramp rampages depleting populations, and more, in our morning news roundup.

Neighborhood Watch

Half-Off Lunch at Osteria Morini; Beer Table Arriving in Grand Central

Plus: a candlelit Earth Day dinner, a guacamole contest, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.


Smorgasburg Launching at the Brooklyn Flea

A hundred-plus food vendors! And it's currently accepting applications.


Salumè Releases Paninipedia

Salumè is the latest food business to launch an iPhone app.


Havana Central Union Square Calls It Quits

The restaurant will close Monday, with a customer-appreciation day send-off all day tomorrow.


Win a Copy of Modernist Cuisine From ‘Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen’!

Syfy will be giving a copy of Nathan Myhrvold's megabook to one lucky Grub Street reader.


Chumley’s Will Not Be a Sports Bar, Okay?

Owners say a petition claiming otherwise is nonsense.

Booze News

That Williamsburg Liquor-License Moratorium Probably Won’t Be Happening

An SLA spokesman says "we can't just do a blanket denial for a whole class of licenses."



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