Friday, May 20, 2011

10 Ways Tech Can Help You Find a Job; The Awesome Apple iMac 21.5; Windows 8 and ARM

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By Lance Ulanoff
May 20, 2011

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10 Ways Tech Can Help You Find a Job

Whether you're just graduating college or have been
unexpectedly thrust back into the job market, technology
can help you find a job. This mix of job boards and online
tools, most of which are free, could have you back on the
morning commute train faster than you can say, "Is that
seat taken?" Click and learn.

Review: Apple iMac 21.5 Inch All-in-One

Have you ever heard of the "Apple Tax"? Sure you have.
It's the premium you supposedly pay for Apple products
over similarly configured gear from competitors. I've
often told consumers that they'll love a Mac, but get
more bang for the buck from a Windows-based PC. This
new iMac, though, breaks that rule. If you're in the
market for an entry-level all-in-one computer, this
is the one you should buy. Read the review for all
the juicy details.

The Best iPad Stylus

If you own an iPad, or really any capacitive screen
device, then you might appreciate a stylus--at least
for drawing. You see, I've tried drawing on my iPad
with a fingertip, and it just doesn't work. So I've
tried almost half-a dozen stylus options. Now I've
found the best and it comes from a company with a
pretty good history in digitizing pens and tablets.
Read my review of the Bamboo Stylus for the iPad to
find out why I'm smitten.

Windows 8 ARM: Will its Launch be as Lame as Honeycomb
and Windows Phone 7?

Will it or won't it? Will the upcoming ARM-ready
Windows 8 still run X86 legacy apps? Intel says no,
Microsoft says the company is wrong, but hasn't
clarified what will work. ExtremeTech considers a
world where Windows is cut off from its X86 legacy.
Kind of fascinating.

Geek proposes to fiancé by creating fake Harry
Potter 7 app

Nerd love is never so perfect or sweet as when it is
expressed within programming code and fanboy devotion
to some magical- or sci-fi series. This story has all
of that. Geek falls in love. Geek programs. Geek
proposes via a home-made app. Perfection.

LinkedIn's IPO is No Bubble

Yesterday, LinkedIn went public and its stock price
soared. What does this mean and why do I like the
service so much? You'll have to click the link to
find out.

Test Your Internet Speed!

Think you have a fast connection? Are you ready to
put it to the test? PCMag is gearing up for its annual
Fastest ISPs story by letting you test your broadband
access speed. We'll use the collected data to find the
best service providers across the country and in your

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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