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May 30, 2011


1. Major Booty Found: Blackbeard's Anchor Recovered from Ocean
Davy Jones' Locker is slowly letting out its secrets. Starting with a 3,000-pound anchor. Archeologists made the trek to the North Carolina sea floor Friday and pulled up some major plunder: an anchor from Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. The anchor stands more than 11 feet tall and stretches longer than 7.5 feet. (MORE: [...]

2. Major Booty Found: Blackbeard's Anchor Recovered from Ocean
Before Dan Wheldon's stunning victory at the Indianapolis 500, crowds witnessed another spectacular stunt. As part of a promotion for Hot Wheels, Top Gear star and stunt driver Tanner Faust set a world record, jumping 332 feet on a track designed to look like the toy-car brand. The previous record jump was 301 feet. (LIST: [...]

3. Reading While Eating for May 30: Memorial Day
NewsFeed hopes you aren't reading these at your office. Our Memorial Day links help you celebrate, enjoy and understand today's holiday. Sweet Treats: Conclude today's festivities with 15 patriotic desserts. (Buzz Feed) Remembering What? Learn why Memorial Day means more than cook-outs and cold drinks. (NYT) Cheers, Mr. President: See pictures of world leaders drinking. (Slate) Road [...]

4. All the Single Mormons: Virginia Church Focuses on Finding a Mate
Looking for lasting love? Head over to Crystal City, Va. if you want to find your mate. That is if you're Mormon. With the pressure to get married pretty intense among Mormons, a new church in the DC area calling itself the “23rd Street Chapel” is seeking to put members on the fast track to [...]

5. Video: Hey New York, What Song Are You Listening To?
Bike boys, pregnant ladies and stall vendors -- what's going on behind all those headphones? 24-year-old Tyler Cullen took to the streets to ask New Yorkers what they're listening to. (LIST: YouTube's 50 Best Videos) Check out the video above to hear firsthand. But in case you didn't catch what they said, here's the full [...]

6. Sorry, Old Spice Guy: India Bans Sexy Deodorant Commercials
Television broadcasters in India were ordered to change "overtly sexual" deodorant ads featuring scantily clad men and women in racy storylines â€" or take them off the air within five days. If India's Information and Broadcasting Ministry has its way, ads like the one above would be on their way out. On Thursday, the ministry [...]

7. Dirty Laundry: Five Politicians Whose Sex Scandals Sell T-Shirts
Sex sellsâ€"and so do T-shirts that mock philandering politicians.

8. Circle of (Digital) Life: 'The Lion King' to be Reborn in 3-D in Movie Theaters
Disney has slowly been re-releasing its classic films in 3-D for its adoring fans to enjoy at home. So what makes The Lion King different? The company is putting a heavy dose of fanfare behind the film's re-release. That's right, the classic animated movie will return to theaters 17 years later eye-popping three dimensions. Disney [...]

9. Final Turn Crash Smashes JR Hildebrand's Indy 500 Hopes, Dan Wheldon Wins Stunning Victory
JR Hildebrand's solid lead down the home stretch was no match for the concrete wall. Dan Wheldon easily sped by into the checkered flag â€" and into his second Indy victory. Millions of jaws simultaneously dropped. California rookie Hildebrand had his Indy victory sealed away as he entered the final turn. Then, an unscripted event: [...]

10. 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Trailer Leaked
It's may be the “feel bad” movie of the holiday season, but the trailer looks incredible. And with David Fincher at the helm, would we expect anything less? The red-band (meaning possibly Not Safe for Work) trailer for the much-anticipated silver screen spinoff of Stieg Larsson's bestseller has hit the Web, teasing us long in [...]


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