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May 24, 2011


1. 'The Bachelorette' Recap: The Dentist, The Drunk and The Deception http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news43
How good was the season premiere of The Bachelorette on Monday night? So good!  We're only one episode in and we can already tell this is going to be such a good season for several reasons. First of all, the producers have clearly found contestants who replicate all of the most dramatic contestants from seasons [...]

2. 'The Bachelorette' Recap: The Dentist, The Drunk and The Deception http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news44
Ah, people of Twitter, you can be so dumb. This week's Tumblr showcases that exact sentiment by compiling people's random tweets at brands that are ridiculous, pointless, irrationally aggressive and/or just plain dumb. From complaints about the music that @Walgreens plays in their store, to completely unrelated questions that seem to expect an answer, to [...]

3. QUOTE: Billboard Calls Non-Rapture 'Awkward' http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news45
"That was awkward. 'No one knows the day or the hour ...' Matthew 24:36" â€" A BILLBOARD in Greensboro, N.C., that appeared after Harold Camping's non-rapture event. (via My Fox 8)

4. 'Candy Land,' the Movie: It's Real, and It's Inspired by 'Lord of the Rings' http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news46
Think Frodo toting a massive bag of candy. Add in a huge King Kandy Candy Castle and you have Candy Land the movie, really a Lord of the Rings-type epic set in a world of candy, according to writer Jonathan Aibel. While the Candy Land and Lord of the Rings connection is quite a stretch [...]

5. Escape Gone Awry: Man Tries to Leave Joplin, Gets Caught in Tornado http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news47
When Will Lynch of Joplin, Mo. heard a tornado was coming, he and his girlfriend decided they should get out of town. They quickly learned that though you can chase storms, you can't outrun them. Headed towards the interstate in an effort to escape before the tornado hit they found themselves right in the middle [...]

6. Taxpayers To Build the Ark: Kentucky Grants Creationist Theme Park $43M in Tax Incentives http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news48
Last week, Kentucky's state tourism board approved up to $43 million in tax incentives for the construction of Ark Encounter, a creationist theme park. The tax rebates, which could subsidize up to 25% of the $150 million project, were granted under the Kentucky Tourism Development Act. The state government's website says that the act "allows [...]

7. The Obamas' Buckingham Palace Visit: Royal Wedding Fever, About a Month Late http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news49
After President Barack Obama nearly became the first victim of the ash cloud last night, The Queen and Prince Phillip welcomed the president and the First Lady on Tuesday as part of a U.K. state visit.  As President Obama made his way to Buckingham Palace to be welcomed by her majesty, crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace, [...]

8. Quote: Bob Dylan Reveals Heroin Habit in Previously Unheard Interview http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news50
“I kicked a heroin habit in New York City. I got very, very strung out for a while. I mean really, very strung out. And I kicked the habit. I had a habit, about a $25-a-day habit, and I kicked it. Yeah, I kicked it then.” â€"BOB DYLAN, admitting to a heroin addiction in an [...]

9. Who's That Statue? Critics Slam Sculpture of Pope John Paul II http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news51
“A tent.” “A bomb.” “Benito Mussolini.” Not the descriptions you'd want to hear about a newly unveiled statue, especially one of a former Pope. A new statue went up outside of Rome's Termini train station last Wednesday in honor of Pope John Paul II. That is, if you could tell it's supposed to be the [...]

10. Royal Exchange: On Second Visit, Obamas Improve Gift-Giving Skills http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN3BxoBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT6K/news52
The slogan goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." But the Obamas recovered nicely in their second visit to Buckingham Palace. Social missteps seemed to plague the President and First Lady during their first meeting with Queen Elizabeth II in April 2009. The fashion industry mocked Michelle Obama for wearing [...]


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