Friday, May 27, 2011

Google Launches NFC Mobile Wallet; Best Casual Games: Then and Now; NASA Going to an Asteroid

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By Lance Ulanoff
May 27, 2011
Google Launches NFC Mobile Wallet; Best Casual Games:
Then and Now; NASA Going to an Asteroid
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Google Launches Mobile Ecommerce System

Google Wallets could be the future of mobile payments.
We have the news, some commentary from me and a visual
walkthrough. Get up to speed on the system that could put
a credit card inside your phone and an end to all the
plastic in your real-world wallet.

Google is in Your Wallet

Up Close with Google Wallet

Best Casual Games: Then and Now

I'm happy to admit that I am not a gamer. Oh, I game
all right, but casual games are more my speed, and I
am not alone. Casual games have caught the imagination
of millions of consumers. This retrospective looks at
the best of the breed, both current and old school. My
guess is you'll look, reminisce and then get itchy
to play.

Depixelizing Pixel Art: Upscaling Retro 8-Bit Games

Early video games were blocky messes that we still, for
some reason or other, loved. I'm pretty sure that the
game designers did not intended for their art to turn
into what essentially looks like color-blindness tests.
They probably drew some pretty cool looking stuff, but
the limited power of early gaming systems hard to reduce
them just to keep the game moving. Now ExtremeTech tells
us of an innovative plan to restore these graphics to
their assumed artistic glory. More details after
the link.

Sony Provides ID Theft Protection to PlayStation Network Members

Sony's data theft troubles only seem to mount as it tries
to mop up the mess from an invasive hack that may have
stolen millions of PlayStation Network account member
details. Now they're trying to take the long view and
protect anyone who might have been impacted. PCMag has
the story.

Yes, You Will Wait for Mango

Windows Phone 7.1 looks like a powerful update to the
still-young Windows mobile platform, but Microsoft won't
deliver it to customers until the Fall. Though Microsoft
insists this isn't "waiting" I think it is and wish the
company could move faster and start teasing new hardware
today. More of my thoughts after the link.

NASA Planning on Getting up-Close and Personal with an

Five years from now, NASA will launch the Origins-Spectral
Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith
Explorer, or OSIRIS-Rex. Yes, that's a mouthful, but the
implications of this science mission are huge as it could
help propel man to a nearby asteroid before 2025.
has the details.

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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