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May 25, 2011


1. Survey: Women Who Use 'Guy Humor' Get All the Guys
What do guys want? Themselves, apparently. Or at least someone who has an identical sense of humor. According to a study of 331,138 eHarmony male users, the style of humor that men most appreciate from a woman is "sarcastic," followed by "juvenile", "geeky" or "raw." (eHarmony defines those last three as "guy humor.") While all of [...]

2. Survey: Women Who Use 'Guy Humor' Get All the Guys
But even with a lower price tag, we predict we still won't be able to afford one. With luxury car purchases taking a hit since the recession hit, and über-luxury brands seeing an even deeper dip in sales, Lamborghini has come up with a brilliant â€" though almost blasphemous â€" idea: a cheaper car. "We [...]

3. QUOTE: Kate Middleton Loves Anne of Green Gables
“It is something of a sentimental journey.” -- AN UNNAMED SOURCE speaking on the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, adding a stop at Prince Edward Island during their Canadian trip in June and July because it was the setting of Anne of Green Gables. (via Vancouver Sun)

4. Rejoice, Nostalgics: 'Pop-Up Video' Is Coming Back to VH1
This is a bright spot in our hump day reading. It's been 10 years since Pop-Up Video used to fascinate and educate us with its factoids and cheesy pop songs â€" and we've been missing it ever since. And (thankfully!) The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that VH1 will be airing 60 new episodes of [...]

5. Weather Channel Reporter Tears Up After Joplin's Deadly Tornado
The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes was on “The Great Tornado Hunt,” a show about storm chasers. The crew was exasperated chasing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But when a tornado hit Joplin on Sunday, Bettes couldn't help but shed tears. (PHOTOS: Tornado damage in Joplin, Missouri) The crew arrived 10 minutes after the tornado struck Joplin, [...]

6. 'Biggest Loser' Winner Olivia Ward Cuts Weight in Half
Tuesday was a good day for reality T.V. stars named Ward. While Hines Ward took home the Dancing with the Stars title, 35-year-old opera singer Olivia Ward (no relation) was named Biggest Loser on the show's eleventh season. (LIST: See 32 epic moments in reality T.V. history) Ward emerged ahead of her sister and one [...]

7. How Nazi Scientists Tried to Create an Army of Talking Dogs
It's further proof that Hitler was barking mad. In his new book Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities, Cardiff University historian Jan Bondeson mines obscure German periodicals to reveal the Nazis' failed attempt to breed an army of educated dogs that could read, write and talk. "In the 1920s, Germany had numerous 'new animal [...]

8. Reading While Eating for May 25: Adorable Animal Videos
Today's links bring you the day's best adorable animal videos. These creatures will improve even the worst of days! Otter Exercise: Watch a high-speed otter chase at an aquarium. (NY Mag) Apples and Oranges: An X-ray video reveals similarities in how dogs and cats drink. (Wired) Dancing Birds: Watch this owl's dance moves. (Buzz Feed) [...]

9. Have $500 to Waste? Try These Gold-Coated Jelly Beans
This is getting downright ridiculous. $500 for a jar of jelly beans? A bit over the top, especially since NewsFeed isn't so sure that coating candy with 24-karat gold actually improves the taste. Of course, we're willing to give it a try, without the price tag. David Klein, founder of the Jelly Belly brand, wanted [...]

10. 'Dancing With The Stars' Winner: Hines Ward Scores Big
In the Season 12 finale of Dancing With the Stars, NFL player Hines Ward demonstrated that his footwork finesse goes further than the 50-yard line. Ward and partner Kym Johnson were crowned the winners of ABC's popular dance contest series Tuesday night, beating out the other two finalists to take home the trophy. In the [...]


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