Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Meet the Press: Sens. McConnell, Schumer Fox News Sunday: Sen. McCain; Reps. West, Edwards This Week: Daniels, Pawlenty Face the Nation: Reps. Cantor, Wasserman-Schultz State of the Union: Sen. Murray, Gen. Chiarelli

Taking Control$Ns-NWTJT/time24-0
Obama visits tornado-affected region in Missouri Sunday to assure citizens “the whole country is going to be behind them.” THE WHITE HOUSE May 24, 2011 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ABOUT STORMS THROUGHOUT THE MIDWEST Winfield House London, England 10:34 A.M. BST THE PRESIDENT: Good morning, everybody. Before the day starts here in England I wanted

So It Begins$Ns-NWTJT/time25-0
Palin's One Nation Tour of U.S. historical sites begins Sunday in Washington, to end in NH.

T-Paw Trumpets "Credibility" Factor$Ns-NWTJT/time26-0
On "This Week," '12 hopeful says his blue collar upbringing shows voters he's not a "pinhead" who just "writes nice white papers or can spout off about these issues."

Daniels Confident$Ns-NWTJT/time27-0
Hoosier tells Amanpour he has no regrets about running,  but thinks he could've beat Bam.



Sarah Palin 2012: Will She or Won’t She?$Ns-NWTJT/time29-0
For much of 2010, Sarah Palin kept the media whipped into a frenzied state over one question: Will she or won’t she run for President? Reporters picked apart every move from pragmatic

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$Ns-NWTJT/time30-0

1.Indy 500: Ten Things to Watch for in Today's Race$Ns-NWTJT/time31-0

2.All Quiet in Rafah: Egypt's Gaza Border Opens Not with a Bang but a Whisper$Ns-NWTJT/time32-0

3.The Optimism Bias: Are We Born with Rose-Colored Glasses?$Ns-NWTJT/time33-0

In This Week's Issue$Ns-NWTJT/time34-0

Table of Contents

*The Optimism Bias$Ns-NWTJT/time35-0


*Obamaworld 2012$Ns-NWTJT/time37-0

*Cherchez Les Femmes$Ns-NWTJT/time38-0

*High Manxiety$Ns-NWTJT/time39-0

*Bibi Provokes Barack$Ns-NWTJT/time40-0


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