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May 27, 2011


1. Mystery Virus in South Korea Claims Second Victim
Health officials in South Korea reported that a second person has died after being infected with an unknown virus. According to news reports, eight patients from different parts of the country have been hospitalized in recent months with similar cold [...]

2. A 21-Week-Old Baby Survives and Doctors Ask, How Young is Too Young to Save?
Last month, a baby girl widely considered the most premature European baby ever to survive left a German hospital and headed home. Frieda Mangold was born more than four months early, at 21 weeks and five days. She weighed a [...]

3. 5 Ways Americans' Allergies Are Getting Worse
Allergies are going nowhere but up. One in five Americans now suffer from allergies, accounting for 17 million doctors appointments and 30,000 emergency room visits each year. And the numbers are on the rise, according to a large new study [...]

4. Drug Trial Is Halted After Niacin Fails to Protect the Heart
A drug that boosts people's good cholesterol didn't go on to prevent heart attacks or strokes, leading U.S. officials to abruptly halt a major study Thursday. The disappointing findings involve super-strength niacin, a type of B vitamin that many doctors [...]

5. Gaming and Texting: Sources of Joint Pain for Kids
Kids and teens who spend a lot of time playing video games or texting on their smartphones may end up with serious wrist and finger pain, a new study suggests. The preliminary findings, which were presented at a medical conference, [...]

6. Study: Sedentary Jobs Tied to Americans' Increasing Obesity

7. Babies: They're Smarter Than You Think
Every parent thinks they're baby is exceptionally smart â€" and cute, too. But while it can't be true that every infant is above average, Lake Wobegon-style, it turns out that babies become able to reason surprisingly well at a very [...]

8. More Americans Are Praying About Their Health
More Americans are praying about health issues â€" both for themselves and for the health of others â€" according to a new study [PDF] published in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. And the increase in prayer as a [...]

9. Study: Baked, Broiled â€" But Not Fried â€" Fish Is Good for the Heart
Want a healthier heart? Try adding fish to your diet. But be careful how it's cooked, a new study warns: baked or broiled fish will boost heart health, but fried fish is probably better left uneaten. Using data from the [...]

10. The Psychology of Dictatorship: Why Gaddafi Clings to Power


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