Monday, May 30, 2011

 Apple iPad Alternatives; 10 Sub-$500 Laptops; 7 Ways to Make Great File Names; Turn Your 2D Photos into 3D

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By Lance Ulanoff
May 30, 2011

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Apple iPad Alternatives: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I own an Apple iPad and love it, but I am pleased to see a
variety of decent Android Honeycomb-based alternatives finally
hit the market. Not every new tablet is gold. Instead, the
market is now a mix of good, bad and ugly. Executive Editor Dan
Costa calls them all out in this slideshow story.

7 Ways to Make Great File Names

Let a computer name a file for you and you have an
unintelligible list of letters and numbers that mean a lot more
to the computer than they do to you (just look at digital camera
image names). Take control and come up with a strong methodology
for naming your files in the office and at home. In part 3 of
our getting organized series, we show you how to make files
names that will keep you organized and help you recover
important information later on.

Hasselblad's 200-Mpixel Camera is Now a Reality

Having done most of my own photography in the 6-to-10 megapixel
range, I hesitate to think what someone will do with all the
pixels Hasselblad's offering in its latest camera. Those 200
megapixels, though, can be a bit deceiving. Read this report to
learn just how the high-end camera company came up with that

PayPal Sues Google over Wallet and Trade Secrets

PayPal watched Google roll out its new NFC-based mobile commerce
system and, less than 24 hours later, cried foul. The company
says Google got its people and its secrets. has the
juicy details. I wonder if this will derail Google Wallet.

Photofly Can Turn Your 2D Digital Photos into 3D Objects

Autodesk has been in the 3D business a long time and now they're
taking some of that expertise to transform everyday images into
3D models. ExtremeTech has all the details of this free and
fascinating online service. Oh, and the cloud plays a role here,

10 Awesome Laptops Under $500

The recession may be over, but times are still pretty tough,
which means that every dollar counts. Technology can help us do
more and even find a great job, but not everyone can shell out
$600 or more for a decent system. What you need are affordable
laptops that are also great products. This list is your starting

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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