Wednesday, May 25, 2011


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May 25, 2011


1. U.S. Abortion Rate Drops, Except Among Poorest Women
The rate of abortion among American women has dropped overall, but not among the poorest women, according to study published in the journal Obstetrics &#38; Gynecology by the Guttmacher Institute. Between 2000 and 2008, abortions among American women aged 15 [...]

2. Study: U.S. Calcium Guidelines May Be Too High
Since bones tend to deteriorate with age, it makes sense to take in more calcium as we get older, to help lower the risk of fractures in our hips and limbs. But how much additional calcium is enough? And is [...]

3. Gender-Free Baby: Is it O.K. for Parents to Keep Their Child's Sex a Secret?
If pregnancy were a musical composition, finding out whether you're having a boy or a girl would be the coda. Indeed, "Do you know what you're having?" is probably the question lobbed most frequently at pregnant women, right up there [...]

4. Pork Can Now Be Cooked Pink, the Government Says

5. Top Sunscreens, Ranked by Two Consumer Health Groups
While you're out buying the charcoal briquets for your Memorial Day barbecue this year, you'll probably want to pick up some sunscreen, too. But, of the dozens of varieties that appear on store shelves, which is the best one to [...]

6. Should Kids Under 13 Be on Facebook?
In a perfect, law-abiding world, no child under 13 has a Facebook account. But this world is pretty far from ideal, if the 7.5 million tweens â€" and younger kids â€" trolling the social-media behemoth are any gauge. Now, if Facebook [...]

7. This Isn't Your Mother's Bayer Aspirin
The name Bayer has become highly recognizable, if you're in the market for aspirin â€" and you're about 60. That's because the company has been so successful at marketing the drug for the prevention of heart attack and stroke in [...]

8. Why a Bad Reputation Gets You Noticed
Having a bad reputation may not be desirable, but it does make you more likely to be seen â€" literally. A new study finds that, all other things being equal, people are more likely to pay attention to faces that [...]

9. Advice From Doctors: Top 5 Ways to Lower Costs and Improve Care
If anyone knows where health-care dollars are being wasted, it's primary-care physicians. So, the National Physicians Alliance recently assembled working groups of doctors within three fields of primary care â€" family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics â€" and asked each [...]

10. For Men, Good Health May Be Found at the Museum


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