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May 26, 2011


1. The Lone Star State, a No-Fly Zone? Why Texas Dropped Its Anti-TSA 'Groping' Bill
Although Texas is notorious for advocating for states' rights â€" Gov. Rick Perry has openly suggested secession â€" state officials had to drop a bid to prevent TSA agents from conducting "invasive searches" after the federal government threatened to shut down all airports in Texas. Last week the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill [...]

2. The Lone Star State, a No-Fly Zone? Why Texas Dropped Its Anti-TSA 'Groping' Bill
Of the many people still missing in the wake of the Joplin tornado, one is a young YouTube celebrity who was sucked through the roof of his car while on his way home from his high school graduation. Awful. Will Norton, whose popular YouTube channel has more than 1.5 million views, was driving home with [...]

3. America's 20 Most Well-Read Cities, According to Amazon
If you live in a town like Cambridge, Mass., Alexandria, Va., or Berkley, Calif., considers you among the most well-read in the country. Based on sales data of book, magazine and newspaper sales in both print and Kindle downloads, Amazon has compiled a list of America's 20 cities with the most well-read people. Like [...]

4. Latest Way To Celebrate Bloomsday: 'Ulysses' to Be Adapted on Twitter
As if reading Ulysses the first time wasn't painful enough. For all those celebrating Bloomsday, June 16th is fast approaching and if you're looking for the newest way to honor James Joyce's experimental work, then Stephen from Baltimore's plan could be for you. This optimistic Joyce fan is launching "Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011" and wants [...]

5. Watch: How John Tesh Wrote the NBA's Iconic Theme Song
The (arguably) most recognizable theme song in professional sports history wasn't recorded in a lavish studio â€" but rather, on a simple answering machine. While the Dallas Mavericks await either the Chicago Bulls or the Miami Heat to compete for the Larry O'Brien trophy, the Wall Street Journal decided to revisit the second life of [...]

6. Reading While Eating for May 26: Politicians, Poetry and the Planet
Today's links bring you partying politicians and Palin popcorn flicks. Going Roguer: Prepare for the upcoming Palin-opic. (RealClearPolitics) Lost and Found: A lost E.E. Cummings work was recently discovered. But wait...uppercase letters? (The Awl) Top Time-Lapses: Check out these 10 amazing time-lapse videos. (Daily Grail) The President's John Hancock: See the similarities between Obama's signature [...]

7. 'Britain's Sweetheart' Cheryl Cole Out as 'X Factor' Judge
Sorry, America, you won't be meeting Cheryl Cole after all. The upcoming Fox talent show, The X Factor, hasn't even premiered in the U.S. yet and already it's gone through some dramatic cast changes. While it was long-rumored that American Idol pals Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul would be together again, joining their reunion would [...]

8. Amazonian Tribe Lacks Abstract Concept of Time
While you're rushing to meet deadlines and trying to make it to places on time, there's one tribe in the Amazon that doesn't have that problem. Researchers from the University of Portsmouth and the Federal University of Rondonia in Brazil have found that the Amazonian tribe Amondawa, has no abstract concept of time. “In English [...]

9. Report: One Third of Aviation Accidents Happen on the Ground
Although air travel remains the safest mode of travel, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) announced this week that something must be done to reduce the number of accidents caused by runway operations. Mishaps on the runway are "the number-one killer in commercial aviation today," according one of the agency's directors. The Montreal-based group held [...]

10. Mickey's Retreat: Disney Withdraws 'SEAL Team Six' Bid
It appears public outcry has dealt a blow to the mighty Magic Kingdom, as Walt Disney Co. said Wednesday it would withdraw an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeking exclusive right to use the term “SEAL Team 6” on its merchandise. A Disney spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal the company pulled [...]


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