Friday, May 13, 2011

13 Stories From 13 Adam Scott Gigs | Stephen Root Signs Staplers | Stephen Westfall


Vulture Watches Old Sitcoms With Bridesmaids’ Rose Byrne

The 'Bridesmaids' star walks us through a few episodes of old-school sitcoms, and blushes when George Costanza gets us talking masturbation.

Charlie Sheen Has Some Advice for Ashton Kutcher

"Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton."

Here Is a Hysterical Local News Report About an Odd Future Riot

"Several hundred people came out to see, uh, Tyler, the Creator ... "

NBC Picks Up Four New Comedies

Hank Azaria, Amanda Peet, and Laura Prepon all have new shows.


WAR HORSE is an extraordinary tale of courage, loyalty and friendship. A boy must join the army in order to reunite with his beloved horse that has been sold to cavalry during World War I. This is a powerfully moving drama of indescribable grandeur that combines action and drama on an epic scale.

Stephen Root on Red Staplers, Kevin Smith’s Red State, and Glee

"I see at least two red staplers a week and sign them. I did 'Justified' a couple of times, and on shooting day, I had four staplers in a box waiting for me."

Five Rappers Less Offensive Than Common, and How Fox News Could Vilify Them If They Ever Get Invited to the White House

Drake? B.o.B.? MC Skat Cat?

Watch an Exclusive Clip From L’amour Fou, the New Yves Saint Laurent Documentary

Fashion, glamour, and Deneuve.

American Idol Recap: Paul F. Tompkins on Enrique, Jordin, and Another Tear-Stained Elimination

Ryan says of the contestants, “All four will get to go home and see their families, but only three will do it in style.” I guess the fourth one has to go home hanging off the side of a train, like in India.

The Showrunner Transcript: Community’s Dan Harmon on Finale Cameos and Season-Long Lessons

"The last two years, I've felt sort of like a guest star on 'Fantasy Island' that needs to learn an important lesson about growing up by getting a TV show."

Movie Review: In Bridesmaids, Chick Flick Meets Raunchy Comedy With Hilarious Results

"The idea of a 'female mask,' of women under pressure to disguise their feelings, is the key to 'Bridesmaid'’s best scenes."

David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg to Reunite for The Silver Lining Playbook

Wahlberg will play a teacher fresh out of a mental institution.

What’s Mindy Kaling’s Future on The Office?

In all likelihood she'll be acting on it, but she may not be writing for it.

Vulture Bytes: Cinema New and Old, With a Side of Super-Cuteness

YouTube goes to Blockbuster, a return to stop-motion cinema, and Photoshop on the iPad.

Adam Scott Tells 13 Odd Stories From 13 Shoots

Picking from his filmography, he's got stories about bad acting choices, 'Boy Meets World' co-star feuds, prosthetic penises, and more.

Gang Gang Dance’s Pop Science-Fiction

The Manhattan band creates amalgamations of cultures, moods, and technologies that haven't yet intermingled, but look and sound like they've existed for decades.

It’s Time to Play ‘Is There Seriously a CSI Episode With That Title?’

'Abra-Cadaver'! Real or fake?

Echo & the Bunnymen’s Curmudgeonly Guitarist Will Sergeant on His Band’s Long Second Life: ‘It’s Not Horrible. It’s All Right’

"Life has downbeat moments, doesn't it?"

The Fug Girls Compare the Office Drones’ Style Sense, Then and Now

We see how the Dunder Mifflinites have changed from season one through today.


Stephen Westfall


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