Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AF New York Takes You Inside the AF Design Lab

AF New York’s award-winning design team, AF Design Lab, is bringing new ideas to market. This spring, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with AF New York partners including Gisue Hariri of Hariri & Hariri. We caught up with the innovative architect to get her insider perspective.

What inspired you to participate as an AF Design Lab partner?
In the process of our collaboration [with AFNY and Bennett Friedman, director and principal of AFNY], the concept of New York Design and creating collections by the New York design community was very appealing. The Idea that we did not have to go to Milan/Italy looking for the innovative beautiful product is very exciting.

Is there a single word or phrase that encompasses your philosophy?
Architecture cannot be defined as one thing, style, philosophy or ism. It is the amalgamation of many things which at its best helps us to define who we are today and who we might be tomorrow.

How do you think AF New York will change design for everyday consumers?
Consumers will be able to dream of having custom-made products, signature bath collections with a lot more choices.

What is your take on the current state of design and architecture in New York City?
New York is the center of design and architecture and this global recession and economy, it is the best time to work on different scale of projects and push the boundaries of design and technology.

What’s next in New York City Architecture & Design?
More substance & less glitz. Smart designs by using smart technology, smart materials, reduction of energy costs will allow architects to create sustainable developments in terms of cost and green humane spaces for living and working.


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