Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Best E-Faxing Services and The Best Android Phones; How to Get Organized and How to Polish Your LinkedIn Account; LinkedIn, Dell XPS 15z, and WifiBuilder are reviewed; and More

------ Small Business Update ------
------ for May 24, 2011 ------
FEATURE: Get Organized: Ways of Thinking About Information
(Part 1 of 5); ROUNDUP: The Best E-Faxing Services; ROUNDUP:
The Best Android Phones
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FEATURE: Get Organized: Ways of Thinking About Information (Part 1 of 5)

Getting and staying organized is like losing weight. Short-term
solutions don't work. You've got to make lifestyle changes that
you and your employees or business partners can stick to in the


ROUNDUP: The Best E-Faxing Services

Think fax machines are outdated? Check out these e-faxing
services that will let you send and receive documents without
pricey hardware, paper, and ink.


ROUNDUP: The Best Android Phones

The greatest thing about Google's Android mobile OS: You have
your choice of top-notch handsets on every carrier--even the
little guys. Behold, the best Android phones you can buy.


FEATURE: 5 Tips for Polishing Your LinkedIn Account

You don't need to be a power user to start reaping the benefits
of LinkedIn. Here are five things you can do to instantly make
LinkedIn more valuable.


REVIEW: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most developed business- and career-oriented
networking site and service out there. It's the way millions of
career-minded people will find new jobs and opportunities, and
build their reputations.


REVIEW: Dell XPS 15z

Adamo was Dell's luxury line until it was phased out a couple of
months ago, but keen laptop observers will find a lot of the
Adamo's high-end design and premium features in the new Dell XPS
15z. ($999 direct). The laptop is less than one-inch thick, all
aluminum, and comes with a powerful Core i7 CPU.


REVIEW: WifiBuilder

WifiBuilder is a must-have utility in a wireless networking
professional toolkit. An easy setup process and excellent
documentation makes this a tool that even those who are not
quite networking gurus can deploy and use.



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