Tuesday, May 3, 2011

City Cabs Get a Redesign | Which President Gets Credit for Bin Laden?

TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2011
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In Other News

Obama to Appear on 60 Minutes This Sunday to Discuss Osama Bin Laden

He'll talk to Steve Kroft, which probably saved CBS News from a really ugly tug-of-war between Scott Pelley and Katie Couric.

Blog-Stained Wretches

Andrew Sullivan’s Departure Didn’t Hurt TheAtlantic.com’s Traffic

Everybody wins.


Rob Lowe Describes Flying on a ‘Dry Run’ With the 9/11 Hijackers

A year and a half later he learned they were all on his flight from D.C. to L.A.

Osama Bin Killed

Americans Don’t Agree on Which Presidents Deserve Credit for Bin Laden


And Step on It!

In Seven Years, All of New York’s Taxis Will Look Like This

The Nissan NV200 won a citywide competition.


Observer: The Dursts Are the Most Important People in New York City Real Estate

They edged out Andrew Cuomo.


Meet Teri, the Bronx Zoo’s New Baby Zebra

Teri doesn't know about Osama bin Laden.

Real Estate

Williamsburg Luxury Condos Won’t Let Renters on the Affordable-Housing Side Use the Pool

"We joke it’s like the projects."

Patriotic Chants

Where the ‘U-S-A!’ Chant Came From

A seventies soccer match, WWF wrestler "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, and 'Jerry Springer,' to name a few sources.

The Death Throes of Birtherism

Orly Taitz Can’t Let Go

She's decided that the birth certificate is actually fake.


Lloyd Blankfein Knows He’s Got a Bad Reputation

He's gonna stay on two more years to try to fix it.

In Other News

CBS: Scott Pelley Will Indeed Take Over for Katie Couric at Evening News

The switcheroo will take place June 6.


Basically Every State Begging Dennis Kucinich to Move There

He might run for reelection in a new state.

And Step on It!

Cab Drivers Are Now Physically Yanking People Out of the Backseat Rather Than Driving Them to Brooklyn

A pair of brave girls videotaped one such attempt.

Osama Bin Killed

The Story of What Happened at the Compound Has Changed, Starting With Bin Laden’s Wife

Whoopsy daisy!



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