Saturday, May 7, 2011

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

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Huntsman Coming Out$Ns-NWTRx/time23-0
At Gamecock commencement, GOP hopeful defends China post as public service, is Reaganesque on American greatness, and quotes lyrics from "one of" his "favorite bands," Ben Folds Five. Your generation will have your own unique set of circumstances that make you feel like your future has somehow been derailed. Wars, economic recessions, social upheaval, revolutions

Huntsman and Haley$Ns-NWTRx/time24-0
Former China envoy meets with SC Gov., says he could become "official" very soon.

Woodward Weighs In$Ns-NWTRx/time25-0
WashPost superscribe has the "this is where you start the movie" details on the courier who marked the path to OBL.

Obama uses weekly address to hammer home unwillingness to cut back on clean energy. Hi. I'm speaking with you today from the Allison Transmissions plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. I came here because this is a place where American workers are doing some big and impressive things. The hybrid technology they manufacture here already powers nearly

"A Fine Moment"$Ns-NWTRx/time27-0
Sen. Brown uses weekly GOP address to offer tribute to Obama for OBL killing. Hello, I’m Scott Brown, and I have the honor of representing Massachusetts in the United States Senate. Last Sunday night, we heard President Obama deliver the message that Americans have been waiting for since September 11, 2001. It’s a very rare



President Obama Meets With His Special Ops$Ns-NWTRx/time29-0
Ft. Campbell, Ky. Obama disembarked from Air Force One like he always does: A wave into the glare, a trot down the stairs, and a series of handshakes. But two of the men on the tarmac signaled that th

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1.Al-Qaeda After Osama bin Laden: Can the 'Brand' Survive?$Ns-NWTRx/time31-0

2.At the Polls, Britons Have Bad News for the Coalition$Ns-NWTRx/time32-0

3.Derby Day: A Photo History of the Big Event$Ns-NWTRx/time33-0

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