Monday, May 16, 2011

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Monday, May 16, 2011

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Debt Ceiling$Ns-NWTO2/time23-0
U.S. set to surpass $14.294 trillion limit Mon. as floating Aug. 2 default deadline looms.

Vegas Jackpot$Ns-NWTO2/time24-0
Nevada dialing-for-dollars session will be major show of strength for frontunner. Call-a-thon participants include: MA Developer Chris Collins; Jets Owner Woody Johnson; Lobbyist Executive Ron Kaufman; Construction Executive John Rakolta Jr; Romney '08 FL Chair and Bush 43 Ambassador John Rood

He Really Means It$Ns-NWTO2/time25-0
Gingrich embarks on 17-stop tour in Iowa starting Mon. at Dubuque Kiwanis Club.

"Wide Open Situation"$Ns-NWTO2/time26-0
Branstad uses Mon. presser to "urge" candidates to hit the ground in Iowa now.

Beltway Fundraisers$Ns-NWTO2/time27-0
Bam to attend two DNC events Mon. in DC. Also to visit flood damage area in Memphis, deliver commencement address at Booker T. Washington High School. In the morning, the President will travel to Memphis, Tennessee. The President’s departure from the South Lawn and the arrival at Memphis International Airport are open press. While in



Q&A: Jon Huntsman on the Presidents He’s Worked With and His Own Prospects for Joining Their Ranks$Ns-NWTO2/time29-0
TIME talked to former ambassador to China and Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman for a profile running in the May 23, 2011, issue of the magazine. Lightly edited excerpts from three separate

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$Ns-NWTO2/time30-0

1.Have Sex-Assault Charges Killed the Presidential Hopes of the IMF Chief?$Ns-NWTO2/time31-0

2.Bringing Chinese Manufacturing Jobs to the U.S.: The Wanxiang America Corporation$Ns-NWTO2/time32-0

3.The Deadly Golan Protests: Anti-Israel Eruption Gives Syria's Regime a Welcome Diversion$Ns-NWTO2/time33-0

In This Week's Issue$Ns-NWTO2/time34-0

Table of Contents


*The Cool Kid$Ns-NWTO2/time36-0

*Who Controls The Mighty River?$Ns-NWTO2/time37-0

*Why Obama's Not a Lock$Ns-NWTO2/time38-0

*Getting Rich Doing Good$Ns-NWTO2/time39-0

*Following the Leader$Ns-NWTO2/time40-0


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