Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Page--- The Latest Updates$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time22-0

Kennebunkport Lunch$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time23-0
First on The Page: Bush 41 + Barbara to host Huntsman at Maine seaside compound Monday.

Huntsman's New Hampshire Saturday$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time24-0
Kicks off third Granite State day with Southern NH U's commencement address. Watch it live here

Obama Wants "No Child" Policy Left Behind$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time25-0
President says schools need "flexibility," calls on Congress to replace measure in weekly address. Weekly remarks by President Obama, as provided by the White House This week, I went to Memphis, Tennessee, where I spoke to the graduating class of Booker T. Washington High School. Graduations are always happy occasions. But this commencement was especially

Hutchison: Cut "Red Tape" on Energy$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time26-0
Texas Sen. calls on Obama to lift regulations preventing domestic oil, gas production in GOP response. Weekly remarks by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, as provided by the Republican Party leadership Hi, I’m United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas. With energy prices soaring nationwide, many American families are struggling to put gas in their

Hurt Hoosier$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time27-0
Mitch Daniels gets 16 stitches after workout mishap Friday.



Obama Pardons: Alligator Hides, Hashish and Satellite TV$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time29-0
You know it’s a Friday afternoon if the White House sends out the latest list of presidential pardons. Here are today’s lucky winners, all of whom were convicted of non-violent crimes. Som

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time30-0

1.End of the World As We Know It: Top 10 Apocalypse Prophecies$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time31-0

2.L'Affaire Strauss-Kahn Poses the Question: Do French Elites Deserve Different Laws?$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time32-0

3.Durango's Killing Fields: The Grave in the Garden$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time33-0

In This Week's Issue$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time34-0

Table of Contents

*Men Behaving Badly What Is It About Power That Makes Men Crazy?$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time35-0

*Can They Win, One Tweet at a Time?$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time36-0

*How To Build A Job Engine$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time37-0

*Summer Entertainment Preview 2011$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time38-0

*The Heartland Hustle$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time39-0

*10 Questions for Chaz Bono$UuBW3XgQB7SaZ$Ns-NWTF7/time40-0


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