Thursday, May 12, 2011

Facebook Plants Negative Stories About Google | How to Prevent GOP Government Hostage-Taking

THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011
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Eye of Newt

Does Newt Gingrich Want to Spread the Wealth Around?

If an old quote is to be believed ... maybe!

Careless Whispers

The Softer Side of Steve Cohen’s Life of Leisure

He finds the Dutch Masters dark and ugly.

Osama bin Killed

John McCain: Stop Your Lying, Bush–Torture Apologists

Oh, snap, maverick.

White House: The New Class

President Obama Asks Congress for an Extension on Robert Mueller’s FBI Term

National security shake-up gets thrown a curve.


Surprise! Ron Paul Is Running for President

Rand Paul is not.

Metaphorical Ceilings

A Real Hostage Negotiator’s Advice for President Obama

A veteran NYPD hostage negotiator on how to handle alleged GOP hostage-taking.

I'm a Belieber

Justin Bieber Is Going to Help Barack Obama Keep a Promise to a Girl

Never say never.

Revolt Like an Egyptian

NATO Strikes Qaddafi’s Compound Hours After State TV Tries to Confirm That He’s Still Alive

Is Qaddafi still alive?

Equal Rites

Larry King: I Get to Marry Over and Over, Why Shouldn’t Gays?

He filmed the latest HRC Marriage Equality ad.

In Other News

Jim Lehrer Steps Down After 36 Years at PBS NewsHour

He'll leave as the longest-serving national anchor ever.


Vashtie Kola Totally Made Chambray Happen

For brown girls, that is.

Private Eyes Are Watching You

Facebook Thought it Might Be Useful to Pay Ex-Reporters to Plant Negative Stories About Google


America's Sweetheart

We Practically Forced Sarah Palin to Make a Big Deal About Common Reading Poetry at the White House

"It is just too easy."

The Most Important People in the World

Bar Rafaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio Call It Quits, Again

He's on the market again. Yaaay?

World Trade Center

Glimmering Sheath Around Base of One World Trade Center Nixed

It's already cost $10 million.



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