Tuesday, May 10, 2011

 Fussing Over Phanfare, HP's All-Star All-in-One, How to Pick a Point-and-Shoot, and More

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Fussing Over Phanfare; HP's All-Star All-In-One; How to Pick
a Point-and-Shoot
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Fussing Over Phanfare

Posting photos and videos from a smartphone is fun, and
Phanfare makes it better, with its dedicated app finally
coming to Android phones. Those awaiting a full-featured
app à la iOS will have to wait a little longer, but for
those looking to upload multimedia content from Android
phones, Phanfare for Android warrants the fuss. Learn more
about it in our complete review.


HP's All-Star All-In-One

The HP Omni 200 all-in-one desktop gives users a bit of
gaming and all the CPU performance a consumer could want.
Though it lacks some newer connectivity options like USB
3.0 or eSATA, it still offers plenty of other features to
give it high recommendations. Check out all the details in
our full review.


How to Pick a Point-and-Shoot

Deciding to buy a point-and-shoot camera is the simple part,
but with hundreds of models to choose from, selecting the
best one for your needs and budget is no easy feat. Following
our seven rules will help bring your perfect camera into
focus. Learn more in our comprehensive round-up.


Pack Your Bags with Priceline

Priceline.com brings casino-style flair to online travel
reservations. Whether booking a hotel, flight, or car rental,
you have the option to pass, by using the traditional online
reservation system, or shoot for the moon, by Nameing Your
Price for up to 60% off the top. Add a clean interface and
mobile apps and Priceline looks like a fresh face with plenty
of tricks up its sleeve. Take the tour in our full review.


Encrypt that Disk

Writeable CDs and DVDs are today's floppy disks. Of course
anybody who finds your archive stash or intercepts a mailed
disc can read your sensitive data. Imation's Defender CD-R
solves that problem with on-board software that automatically
encrypts the files you copy to it. Find out if it's right for
you by reading our detailed review.


Big Printer for Small-Biz

The Brother HL-3040CN, a color laser-class (LED) printer
geared toward home offices and small workgroups, provides
good speed and paper capacity for its price. It's not
flawless, but the HL-3040CN should be a welcome addition to
micro offices, especially those that focus on text printing
but still have occasional need for color. Read the full
review to learn more.


Going Commando with Casio

Most rugged cell phones aren't smart, but the Casio G'zOne
Commando is. It's Verizon's first Android smartphone we've
seen that can take a beating, and it sports relatively high-
end specs to boot. This phone can handle a lot, but can you
handle the phone? Read our complete review to find out.



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