Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting the Fax Straight, Lenovo's Bold Business Ultraportable, Svelte Large-Screened 4G, and More

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Getting the Fax Straight; Lenovo's Bold Business
Ultraportable; Svelte Large-Screened 4G
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Getting the Fax Straight

The fax is still alive and kicking, especially in the
business sector. Fortunately, you no longer need a dedicated
fax machine (and the associated phone line and ink) to send
and receive paperwork. eFax, an Internet-based fax service
available worldwide, gives you a real fax number that you
can use to send and receive faxes--using your inbox. Get
the facts on this Editors' Choice service in our full review.


Lenovo's Bold Business Ultraportable

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is a compilation of some of the
boldest moves we've seen in an ultraportable business laptop.
While there are a few flaws mixed in with the unprecedented
feature set, the X1 is simply one of the most powerful
ultraportables available for business users. Read our
complete review for all the details.


Svelte Large-Screened 4G

If you like big screens, look no further. The Samsung Infuse
4G is the first phone we've tested that packs an extra-large,
4.5-inch touch screen. It's also amazingly thin--thinner even
than the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. Check out our detailed coverage
to get the full picture.


Xerox Phaser Does Color Right

The Xerox Phaser 6010N printer is small enough to fit on a
desk to serve as a personal printer, but capable enough to
share in a micro or small office. Thanks to Pantone Color
approved solid-color simulation, this Xerox printer will
also interest graphic artists and others who need to focus
on getting color just so. Read our full review to learn more.


Blackberry Lets You Seize Control

Ever wish your Blackberry had a Control Panel like Windows
does? ControlBBanel is a good way to quickly see detailed
information about your Blackberry, and it's only $3.99 in
Blackberry's App World. Our detailed review lays it all
out for you.


HP Veer is Off Track

The HP Veer for AT&T is an adorable little WebOS phone, but
is it a big enough contender to carry the WebOS line? Read
our full review to get the big picture on this tiny phone.



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