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May 09, 2011


1. Sex and Self-Esteem: A Big Boost for Men, Not So Much for Women
Losing your virginity can summon up all sorts of emotions. It can also be an exercise in self-esteem or self-doubt, depending on whether you're a man or a woman, according to researchers from Penn State University who analyzed the debut [...]

2. Could a New 'Viagra Condom' Encourage Safer Sex?
The problem with condoms is that they don't get used as often as they should. But an innovative new product by a British biotech firm may change men's minds: called CSD500, the condom helps men keep their erection longer. It's [...]

3. South Korean Study Suggests Rate of Autism May Be Underestimated
In the first large-scale study of its kind, U.S. and South Korean researchers report that the rate of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may be significantly higher than previously thought, affecting as many as 1 in 38 children. The findings suggest [...]

4. Drinking Coffee, Having Sex, Blowing Nose: Among 8 Potential Stroke Triggers
It's hard to believe that blowing your nose or drinking coffee could be deadly. But for those who â€" perhaps unknowingly â€" have an untreated brain aneurysm, these everyday actions could trigger a life-threatening stroke, a new study suggests. Up [...]

5. Does Your Brain Take Naps While You're Awake?
Have you ever been so exhausted that you feel basically half-asleep? Turns out, that may be what's literally going on in your brain, according to a new study published in Nature. In a study of rats, researchers found that when [...]

6. Do Immigrant Kids Get Fat to Fit In?
Many foreign-born American citizens have said they feel that their fellow U.S. citizens question their Americanness. This spurning can be particularly difficult for immigrants' U.S.-born children: some Asian-American kids, for instance, have sought plastic surgery or blue contact lenses to [...]

7. For Weight Loss, Eating Less After 8 P.M. Might Help
Increasingly, studies show, getting the right amount of sleep is critical to maintaining a healthy weight. But does it matter when we sleep? A new study suggests that, yes, timing may be key: people who stay up late and sleep [...]

8. In Defense of Motherhood: Why We Keep Having Kids When They're So Clearly Bad for Us
Here at Healthland, we devote a considerable amount of virtual ink to reporting on research that disses parenthood. I've written several stories in this vein, and I find them both wryly amusing and often uncomfortably accurate. But at least in my [...]

9. What Annoys You? An Examination of the Little Things That Drive Us Bananas
Do not lick your fingers when you're done eating â€" if you're licking your fingers, it's time to accept that the bag of chips is finished. Move on. On that note, don't crinkle the bag while you retrieve your snacks, [...]

10. Depression and the Mommy Wars: Who's Worst Off?


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