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May 17, 2011


1. Measles Outbreak: Cases Rise in Europe and U.S. http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news64
The global outbreak of measles is continuing to spread, with cases rising in Europe and certain parts of the U.S., including California. So far this year, 98 cases of the disease have been reported in 23 U.S. states, according to [...]

2. The Other Schwarzenegger-Shriver Shoe Drops http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news65
So much for the theories. It turns out that the cause of the shocking Schwarzenegger-Shriver shplit is not so mysterious after all. The Los Angeles Times has discovered that the former California governor fathered a child with his housekeeper of [...]

3. Mind-Body Programs Boost Pregnancy Rates for IVF Patients http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news66
Infertility treatment is stressful: everyone else seems to be getting pregnant; why can't you? So what if there were an evidence-based method that could dramatically increase the success of in-vitro fertilization, or IVF? A new study published online in the journal [...]

4. House Watch: Bathtub Surgery Edition http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news67
House gave new meaning to the phrase “Doctor, heal thyself” last night. He not only self-medicated, which he does usually does with epic amounts of Vicodin. This time he actually self-operated, cutting into that mangy leg. Just a few more [...]

5. Q&A: Is It Really the Worst Allergy Season Ever? http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news68
Every year, it seems that the news headlines proclaim that the current allergy season is "the worst" ever. So when headlines started popping up this year about the biggest, baddest allergy season yet, Healthland decided to ask Dr. Alan Omid [...]

6. Study: A Mysterious Gene Variant That Makes Quitting Smoking Easier http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news69
Smokers with a variant gene linked to higher risk for heroin addiction and more relapse in alcoholism actually have an easier time quitting cigarettes â€" and a new study finds that their pleasure from nicotine varies with the availability of [...]

7. Study: Internet Use, but Not TV Watching, Linked to Sleeplessness in Teens http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news70
Many studies (along with casual observation in any home with a teenager) have associated nighttime media use â€" video gaming, Internet surfing and TV time â€" with sleep deficits in teens. But the latest research fine tunes those findings, suggesting [...]

8. Lazy Cakes: A Sleepytime Snack Elicits Public-Health Outrage http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news71
Public health officials and politicians are debating the safety of a new snack on the market â€" sold as Lazy Cakes, Kush Cakes and Lulla Pies. They're brownies laced with the sleep aid melatonin. Like other compounds sold as dietary [...]

9. China Gives Press More Freedom â€" for Food Safety http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news72
Toxic bean sprouts, filthy cooking oil, drug-tainted pork: The relentless headlines in Chinese media have churned up queasy feelings for months about the dangers lurking in the nation's dinner bowls. The stories are grim reading but show China's usually strict [...]

10. Could a Spoonful of Sugar Help the Medicine Work? http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0pz6BASRffB8VKqZNs-NWTHv/news73


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