Thursday, May 19, 2011


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May 19, 2011


1. Baby Products Contain Toxic or Untested Chemicals. Are They a Danger?
chemicals play an important role in keeping households safe. But recently some environmental scientists have raised concerns that the chemicals used to treat everyday household items may cause cancer and a host of other illnesses. Now a new study [...]

2. Coffee Drinking Linked With Lower Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer
Drinking six cups of coffee a day could leave a man pretty wired, but it may also help lower his risk of fatal prostate cancer, according to a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health. The study is [...]

3. The Schwarzenegger Kids: Coping with Parental Betrayal in the Public Eye
Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially confirmed he's not much for monogamy, it's hard to know who's got the rawer end of the deal: his four children with Maria Shriver or the young teen boy conceived with the family housekeeper. [...]

4. FDA Panel Recommends Adding Infant Dose Info for Children's Tylenol

5. Should We Destroy the Last of the World's Smallpox Virus?
Global health officials at the World Health Conference in Geneva will decide this week whether to preserve or destroy the last known stockpiles of smallpox â€" one of the deadliest diseases in human history. More than 30 years ago, a [...]

6. Study: Why Some Transgendered People Have Higher Levels of Autistic Traits
transgendered people â€" known as transmen â€" have more autistic traits than typical heterosexual men and women, and more than those who wish to switch gender in the opposite direction, according to new research. Scientists led by Simon Baron-Cohen, [...]

7. Could Lactose Intolerance Be All in Your Head?
Most people who suffer from the telltale symptoms of bloating, gas, gut pain and nausea after consuming milk believe they have lactose intolerance. But a new Italian study suggests that only a third of such patients actually do. For many [...]

8. Giffords to Have Surgery While Husband Is in Space
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' recovery isn't slowing down while her astronaut husband speeds around the Earth. Giffords will undergo surgery Wednesday so doctors can replace a piece of her skull with a plastic implant, another encouraging step since the Arizona congresswoman [...]

9. Sun Sentinel: Some OB-GYNs in South Florida Refuse Overweight Patients

10. 'Botox Mom' Loses Custody of Her 8-Year-Old Daughter


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