Monday, May 23, 2011


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May 23, 2011


1. Why Crossing Your Arms Helps Kill Pain
To the list of unusual antidotes for pain â€" including cursing, meditation and giving a massage (also, getting one) â€" now add crossing your arms. A new study published in the journal Pain found that when people crossed their arms, [...]

2. Bugs Crawling Under Your Skin? It's All in Your Mind
Ever get that creepy-crawly sensation, like bugs are slithering beneath your skin? For some people, the feeling is permanent. They complain that their skin is infested by insects or parasites â€" a condition they call Morgellons disease, but that dermatologists [...]

3. The Chocolate Milk Wars: A Mom's Perspective
As any parent knows, you can prepare healthy food but you can't make your kids eat it. So there are a few tricks we parents have up our culinary sleeves, particularly when it comes to calcium. Two words: chocolate milk. [...]

4. U.S. Home Births Increase to the Highest Level Since 1990

5. FDA Approves a New Drug To Treat HIV
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday approved a new drug to treat HIV infection. The drug, made by an arm of Johnson &#38; Johnson, will be sold under the name Edurant, and is designed to be used in [...]

6. Medical Breakthrough: Paraplegic Man Stands Up
After being struck by a car in 2006, Rob Summers was given a grim prognosis: paralysis from the chest down and the possibility of never walking again. But five years later, he is able to stand on his own two [...]

7. 'Maria the Korean Bride' (Finally) Has 50th Wedding
Maria Yoon's wedding invitation details are quite precise. The nuptials will take place at 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, at Times Square in New York City, near the Walgreens, on the sidewalk. As she has learned from her previous [...]

8. Bypassing Obesity for Alcoholism: Why Some Weight-Loss Surgeries Increase Alcohol Risk
People who undergo gastric bypass surgery for weight loss have more than twice the risk of developing alcoholism, compared with those who have gastric banding surgery, preliminary research finds. This line of inquiry could shed new light on the causes [...]

9. Want to Be Heard? Try Changing the Way You Talk
We all know that frequent verbal ticks, such as "like" and "you know," can turn listeners off. But what about the pace, pitch and fluency of your speech? Are others more likely to tune in if you're a high-talker, for [...]

10. McDonald's Says Ronald Is Here to Stay


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