Friday, May 6, 2011

Intel Unveils Groundbreaking, New Transistor Technology; Will Microsoft Buy RIM; Best Free Software of 2011

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By Lance Ulanoff
May 6, 2011
Intel Unveils New Transistor Technology; Will Microsoft
Buy RIM; Spotify Leaves Apple in its Wake; Best Free
Software of 2011; Google Chrome TV Ads May Bring a Tear
to Your Eye; Sony Accounts Hacked; The Best All-in-One
PC We've Ever Seen
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Intel Unveils Groundbreaking, New Transistor Technology

For the better part of a decade, Intel's been working on
a new transistor technology that would allow them to
continue shrinking CPUs, while delivering ever greater
power. Simply making transistors tinier, however, was
no longer enough. At a certain point, electrons started
to leak across transistors, making the CPU's less
efficient and effective. However, with Intel's new '3-D'
Trigate technology, Intel has overcome a significant
barrier. PCMag has the full story, plus a critical
explainer on nine things you should know about Intel's

9 Things You Should Know About Tri-Gate Technology

Will Microsoft Buy RIM

Research Motion is going through a bit of a tough time.
I chided them for not introducing a large-screen
Smartphone at BlackBerry World and, now, News Director
Pete Pachal is counseling that a marriage between the
world's most powerful software company and the one-time-
enterprise smartphone leader would be a good thing. I'm
not so sure.

Ulanoff: Is RIM Going Backward?

Spotify Enables iPod, iPhone, Android Sync for Everyone,
Leaves Apple in its Wake

Spotify, the European music service American's lust over
but have never used, just got better. Now it has wireless
syncing for all and new download bundle options.
ExtremeTech has all the details,

Best Free Software of 2011

I'm busy setting up a new laptop (a Toshiba Protege
R835-P50X) for my upcoming trip to Google I/O. As always,
I need a portable that's light enough, fast enough and
with good enough battery life to be a usable, on-the-go
work system. The Toshiba fits that bill to a T. What it
lacks is some of the software I'll need to report from the
road. That's where this story comes in. I love filling up
new computers with free, highly useful (and sometimes
entertaining) software that doesn't cost me a dime. The
next time you buy a computer I suggest you do the same.
Just be sure to start with this link to make your
download list.

Google Chrome TV Ads May Bring a Tear to Your Eye

Google goes straight for the heart with its latest series
of Chrome commercials, but should they instead be focusing
on the head? That is, after all, what we use to decide
which web browser we'll use. In any case, the commercial
are pretty well done. Look at them and let me know if a
weepy commercial is going to make you switch browsers or

Sony Accounts Hacked? Here's What You Should Do Now, Soon,
and Later

Somewhere between 75-and-100 million Sony PlayStation
Network accounts were hacked over the last few weeks and
that could mean days, weeks, even months worth of headaches
for many Sony PlayStation Network customers. There is
something you can do about it--actually a number of things.
This story has the advice you've been waiting for.

The Best All-in-One PC We've Ever Seen

There's no other way to describe a rare five-star Editors'
Choice-Winning product like the HP TouchSmart 610-1065qd.
You have to read the review to believe it.

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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