Friday, May 20, 2011

Join PCMag's ISP Speed Tests;  The Best Android Phones; Google Music Beta; and more.

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How Fast is Your Internet Connection--Really?; The Best
Android Phones; 5 Tips for Polishing Your LinkedIn Account
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How Fast is Your Internet Connection--Really?

We're teaming up with to take the measure of
all Internet service providers and reveal who's the fastest
in the land. Join us and test your speed today.

The Best Android Phones

The greatest thing about Google's Android mobile OS is that
you have your choice of top-notch handsets on every carrier--
even the little guys. Behold, the best Android phones you
can buy.

5 Tips for Polishing Your LinkedIn Account

If you've ever made a few hundred bucks consulting, you know
there's real monetary value in telling other people about
your areas of expertise. LinkedIn lets you do just that. It
helps people find you to offer you opportunities. And if you
have a business, LinkedIn provides another way for clients
and business partners to find you. Here are five things you
can do to instantly make LinkedIn more valuable.

New to LinkedIn? Our Review of the Basics

LinkedIn is invaluable for any career-minded person over the
age of 20. The site is the place where professionals stay
connected. Think of it as social networking meets
professional networking, with millions of users looking for
full-time employees, consultants, business partners, and
clients. This review explains what LinkedIn is all about,
why people use it, and whether you should use it, too.

Google Music Beta

Google Music Beta is a fine proof of concept, letting you
store your music in the cloud and play it from a browser.
But getting all the music you want into it isn't practical
yet, and some processes are slow. For now, there's one other
service that's a better bet--click through to find out which

Laptop Designs of the Future

Some amazing concepts and prototypes that have never been
seen on electronic store shelves give a glimpse into how
laptops will look in the future. See our slideshow of seven
incredible designs.

Seagate GoFlex Ultra-portable Drive for Mac (1.5TB)

Interchangeable interfaces and a huge capacity put the
Seagate GoFlex Ultra-portable Drive for Mac up as one of the
front-runners in the external hard drive space. This drive
is future-proofed with a humungous capacity.


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