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May 05, 2011


1. Photos: Emotional Crowd Gathers at Ground Zero for Obama's Visit
Four days after he told the nation that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. operatives, Barack Obama made his first trip to Ground Zero as president to participate in a a short, and mostly silent, wreath laying ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial.

2. Photos: Emotional Crowd Gathers at Ground Zero for Obama's Visit
Girl Scout cookie lovers, beware. Because of palm oil, a key ingredient, those delicious and addictive treats may not be as innocent as they seem. Not only is the ingredient linked to child labor in Indonesia, but it also allegedly contributes to rainforest deforestation. But now two renegade girl scouts are lobbying the Girl Scouts [...]

3. Calling All Artists: Sweden Needs Help Designing Its New Banknotes
Hey, artsy Swedes â€" this could be your chance to go down in history. Sweden's Riksbank is holding a competition to design a set of new banknotes. Open to artists, designers and architects, the contest is an attempt to modernize the country's paper money. (Swedish currency is the krona.) (More on See the art of [...]

4. Pardon Me, Love? Oregon Woman Wakes Up From Surgery with a Foreign Accent
Well that's one way to acquire an accent.  Karen Butler is a 56-year-old tax consultant in Toledo, Oregon who went into surgery for a dental implant with a standard Oregonian accent and emerged with an accent that sounds one part South African, one part Irish and all parts WTF. (More on Migraines can give [...]

5. Everyone Poops: How Do Astronauts Go to the Bathroom in Space?
They may need a combination of brains, guts, strength and skillâ€"the "right stuff" as Tom Wolfe called itâ€"but they also need to be potty trainable. How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space? Sure enough, the answer includes plenty of tubes, wires, suction cups and, of course, checklists. A new National Geographic Channel special [...]

6. 'Geronimo' Stirs Debate: Seven Native American Naming Controversies
When the military code-named the bin Laden mission 'Geronimo,' Native American groups were less than pleased. But it's just one of many tiffs over co-opting Native American names.

7. Own a Piece of Movie History: 'Home Alone' House For Sale
A couple of empty-nesters have decided to put their world-famous house on the market. Sorry, Kevin McCallister, this is no longer your home, so you can't defend it. John and Cynthia Abendshien are selling their red-brick, 4,250-sq.-ft. Georgian house for $2.4 million. The Abendshiens purchased the property, located in Winnetka, 20 miles outside of Chicago [...]

8. More than Margaritas: A History of Cinco De Mayo
Contrary to what some may believe, it's not Mexican Independence Day. (via TIME Photos) Cinco De Mayo is the holiday of tequila and tex-mex, shares a genre with Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's day and has become hugely popular throughout the United States. But how many people actually know the history behind this springtime celebration? [...]

9. Top 10 Baby Names for 2011: Inspired by 'Twilight' and 'Teen Mom'
Phenomena such as Twilight and Teen Mom have shown the true, semi-shocking breadth of their influence in the government's analysis of baby-naming last year. Isabella and Jacob, names of the female protagonist and her handsome werewolf from Twilight, reign supreme on the list for the second straight year. (Sorry, Team Edward.) True, Twilight's Jacob, played [...]

10. Alan Shepard, 50 Years After Mercury: An Unpredictable NASA Legend
I met Alan Shepard only once, and did not enjoy the experience a bit. It was at a public event in 1994, at about the time his autobiography was being released and shortly before Apollo 13, the book I was writing with astronaut Jim Lovell, was published. Shepard was signing advance copies of his book [...]


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