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May 06, 2011


1. College Donors Want to Make Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' Required Reading
A former chairman of a bank holding company loves Ayn Rand and is committed to spreading her philosophy? Color us shocked! John Allison, chairman of BB&#38;T Corp. turned business professor, is now working through the BB&#38;T Charitable Foundation to offer schools multi-million dollar grants, so long as they create and offer a course on capitalism that [...]

2. College Donors Want to Make Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' Required Reading
If you're still looking for the perfect gift for the happy coupleâ€"we're talking the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, of courseâ€"you got beat to the punch. By a penguin. The Chester Zoo gave the future King and Queen of England the chance to adopt a penguin as a wedding gift. While the cuddlyâ€"when talking [...]

3. Watch: Paul the Psychic Octopus Gets His Very Own Movie
An upcoming biopic will tell the story of the clairvoyant cephalopod that gained instant celebrity status by calling outcomes of World Cup soccer matches last summer. Paul, the now-deceased octopus from a Sea Life Centre in Germany, accurately picked the winner of all seven games his country of residence played and predicted Spain as the [...]

4. Congrats, Paul McCartney: Former Beatle is Engaged to Nancy Shevell
All you need is love! Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell, his New York business woman girlfriend of four years, are engaged. The former Beatle met his lover in the Hamptons and the two have been going strong ever since. (More on Behind the Camera with the Beatles) This will be McCartney's third marriage and [...]

5. A McBoost to U.S. Jobs? Maybe Next Month
The big McDonald's hiring day occurred after the April employment survey. Those saying they affected last month's great jobs report? They're McWrong. When the jobs figures were released this morning, some people pointed to the McDonald's hiring spree on April 19 as helping boost the numbers of people finding work last month. But that's not [...]

6. Fashion Friday: Quasi-Racist Boots and More Style Scoop
NewsFeed's Feifei Sun rounds up the brilliant and bizarre from this week in fashion. Boots to match your skin color. Well, light skin color, anyway. Prada's Mary Jane leather boots ($1,500) come to just below the knee, but if you're a woman of any color at all, we're not sure these will be a good [...]

7. Jockeying for the Win: 5 Best Bets for the 2011 Kentucky Derby
The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports is even more exciting if there's a big payout at the finish line. May the odds be with you. 

8. Five Questions With Rima Fakih: Miss USA 2010 Talks Trump, bin Laden and Pro Wrestling
Rima Fakih made history when she became the first Muslim American to be crowned Miss USA on May 16, 2010. As she nears the end of her year-long reign, NewsFeed spoke to the pageant queen about her whirlwind year, her stint as reality star on the USA network's wrestling competition Tough Enough and whether she'll [...]

9. Tasmanian Tiger or Marsupial Wolf? New Insights on the Extinct Thylacine
Both its nicknames reflect the fact that the thylacine was an awesome creature â€" one that makes the human race kick itself for helping to drive such animals to extinction â€" but new research suggests that the “Tasmanian tiger”/“marsupial wolf” was indeed more tiger-like than wolfish. (More on Saving the Tasmanian Devils) The last [...]

10. Sad Side Effect: Dogs' and Cats' Health Suffering as Belts Tighten
Poor Fido is feeling the crunch, too. Diabetes, heartworm disease and other health problems are on the rise in both dogs and cats. Even preventable conditions, such as flea and tick infestations, are becoming more common. The culprit? The recession. (More on NewsFeed: See why using the word 'pet' is an insult) People are spending [...]


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