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May 09, 2011


1. With New Design, McDonald's Aims to Be the New Starbucks
The fast-food chain is undertaking a gradual transformation to be less clownish, more coffee shop. By 2015, McDonald's isn't going to look like McDonald's. It'll look like Starbucks. Or at least, that's the $1 billion plan. In a front-page story in Monday's USA Today, the 56-year-old fast food chain's stores are undergoing the most massive [...]

2. With New Design, McDonald's Aims to Be the New Starbucks
Ice cream maker Ben &#38; Jerry's, famed for its scrumptious and unique flavors, is now spreading its sustainable ethos through a unique social media campaign by asking users to donate their spare Twitter characters in honor of World Fair Trade Day on May 14. Earlier this week, Ben &#38; Jerry's launched a Twitter application that [...]

3. Music Monday: Lonely Island's 'Turtleneck & Chain' Brings the Laughs
It's funny when middle-class white people try to rap. It's funny when they listen to rap (see: the gridlock scene in Office Space) and it's funny when they turn hardcore rap songs into piano ballads (such as Ben Fold's 2005 cover of Dr. Dre's “Bitches Ain't Shâ€"t”). Andy Samberg's comedy team The Lonely Island is [...]

4. 'Grrl' For Seven Points, Please: Scrabble Adds More Slang Words to Official Dictionary
Scrabble traditionalists are going to hate this. The board game's Collins Official Scrabble Words book has long been the go-to guide that's pulled out in the middle of dispute on whether a move is actually a word or not.  And now the brains behind it are introducing 3,000 new words and slang terms to their [...]

5. Spontaneous Shark Week: 18-Foot Great White Breaks Record
Last Friday, the crew of National Geographic Channel's hit series Shark Men announced they had broken the previous record for the biggest great white shark ever caught and released alive. They displayed their capture Sunday night on the show. Apache is a giant male who measures 17 feet 9 inches and was estimated to weigh [...]

6. Chloé Gets New Creative Director, Claire Waight Keller
The French design house confirmed one of fashion's worst kept secrets Monday with the announcement of Hannah MacGibbon's departure. (via NYT) Claire Waight Keller, who was most recently with Pringle of Scotland, will assume MacGibbon's post on June 1. MacGibbon has been Chloé's creative director since 2008 and with the company for 10 years. “I [...]

7. Working Moms or Stay-at-Home Moms: Who's More Stressed?
Over the years there's been a battle between the feminists and the neo-traditionalists. The former will tell you that staying at home causes depression; the latter will tell you that working causes moms too much stress. (via Healthland) But there's no black or white answer, according to a new report Working Mothers, Stay-At-Home Mothers, and [...]

8. Reading While Eating for May 9: Sounds Like Fun
From the sound of music to the sound of musical theater, today's links let you learn about things you listen to. Broadway Beats: Get an exclusive first listen to the songs from Book of Mormon, Broadway's biggest new hit. (NPR) Cat's Meow: Smokey the Cat hasn't offered much in the forest safety department, but she [...]

9. Watch: Meredith Vieira Says Goodbye to 'Today'
NBC has announced that Meredith Vieira will be leaving the Today show and will be replaced by Ann Curry. While the news was just announced, it doesn't come as that big of a surprise. The New York Times reports that Today has been preparing for Vieira's departure since last year when she opted to renew [...]

10. Hasidic Jewish Newspaper Photoshops Hillary Clinton from Situation Room Photo
There's a lot of odd Photoshopping going on with the now-iconic photo of U.S. officials being updated on the bin Laden raid. But this one by Di Tzeitung, the ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jewish newspaper, might just take the prize. Yep, those are big dark smudges where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Counterterrorism Director Audrey [...]


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