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May 12, 2011


1. Quote: Chicago Copes With Oprah Winfrey's Departure
"We'll have to loan her out to Los Angeles for a while, but I'm sure she's not going to be gone for long." â€" ART SMITH, a Chicago restaurateur who used to be Oprah Winfrey's personal chef, on Winfrey's departure from Chicago once her talk show comes to an end; Winfrey is moving to Los [...]

2. Quote: Chicago Copes With Oprah Winfrey's Departure
James Tate, a senior at Shelton High School in Connecticut, worked through the night posting 12-inch letters on his school building to grandly ask his friend to prom. She said yes. But his school said no, suspending him for bad behavior. And the world says boo, hisssssss. Update: Headmaster gives statement and sticks to her [...]

3. The Cube Project Squeezes Bachelor Pad Into Charmingly Tiny Box
The Cube Project, whose first prototype was unveiled last month during the Edinburgh Science Festival in Scotland, is a tiny, cubical house, measuring just 3 x 3 x 3 meters. Don't let the size fool you, though. The 27-cubic-meter (953-cubic-foot) housing solution, packed with intelligent use of space, is enough for one person. Or, as [...]

4. Extreme Tourism: Dangle From Canada's Tallest Building for $175
Just in case being in the observation decks of one of the tallest structures in the world isn't enough, this summer you'll be able to dangle from the outside of Toronto's CN Tower. The summer season is just around the corner. If you're looking for a touristy experience in Toronto, the CN Tower should be [...]

5. Watch: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News In His Own Poetry Jam
On The Daily Show Wednesday night, Jon Stewart responded to Fox News's extensive criticism of rapper Common's invitation to perform at the White House. In response, Stewart busted some rhymes of his own. After Michelle Obama announced that Common would be featured at a poetry event Wednesday night, many conservative pundits said he was too [...]

6. A Rivalry Gone Too Far: Scottish Soccer Manager Attacked in Stadium
Even by Scottish soccer's high standard for violence and thuggery, it's been a brutal year for Neil Lennon. Yesterday, Lennon, the manager of Glasgow's Celtic football club, was attacked by a man who clambered on to the Celtic bench during a match at the Hearts football club in Edinburgh. The man connected with a punch [...]

7. Exiting Players Championship, Tiger Woods Shows He's No Longer a Cub
At one time, the golf world feared Tiger Woods. But these days, taking verbal shots at the struggling legend is a popular sport. And after Woods bowed out of the Players Championship on Thursday morning â€" he shot a horrid 42 on the front nine, then limped off the course, citing a leg injury â€" [...]

8. Double Date: New Site Helps Couples Find Friends
Ah, the joys of being in a relationship. You now have someone to share all of your deepest darkest secrets with, take long strolls on the beach with, and eat the same string of spaghetti together until your lips meet. (What, you don't model your dates after Lady and the Tramp?) And before you know [...]

9. QUOTE: Sen. Claire McCaskill Tweets that She Feels Fat
"I'm tired of looking and feeling fat. Maybe talking about it publicly will keep me on track as I try to be more disciplined. Off to the gym." â€" CLAIRE McCASKILL, U.S. Senator from Missouri, taking to Twitter to proclaim her weight-loss woes (via Jezebel)

10. Reading While Eating for May 12: Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Today's links give you a variety of food for thought and introduce a whole new way to think about things you might find in your kitchen--but not the kitchen sink.  Baking Soda Addiction? Just be glad it's not bacon soda. (GOOD) From Spud to Taste Bud: Watch this video to learn how Fritos are made. [...]


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