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May 16, 2011


1. Unusual Baby Names Aren't Just for Celebs: Israeli Couple Name Their Baby 'Like'
Whatever happened to naming your kid Anne or John? Lior and Vardit Adler might have taken a cue from the Egyptian man, Jamal Ibrahim, who named his daughter "Facebook" in honor of the role social media played in the recent revolution; the Israeli couple have just named their baby girl "Like". (LIST: Top 10 wacky celebrity [...]

2. Unusual Baby Names Aren't Just for Celebs: Israeli Couple Name Their Baby 'Like'
Shirley Sherrod, the former Department of Agruculture employee who lost her job in a tempest over a selectively edited video that showed her making apparently disparaging racial comments, is now back at the USDA albeit in a different capacity. She will now lead one of three field programs that are intended to improve the relationship [...]

3. By the Numbers: How May 21, 2011 Was Calculated to be Judgment Day
A radical Christian group has determined that the beginning of the end of the world will occur this week. But is their math correct? Most of us roll our eyes and pass on carefree when we stumble across an apocalypse theory. But Family Radio has been proclaiming May 21, 2011 as the veritable Judgment Day, [...]

4. Skeletons and Smiley Faces: 6 Innovative Ways to Deter Speeding
New York City's Department of Transportation announced that it would be using new digital displays of skeletons to warn speeding drivers to slow down. Here are a few more creative ways that cities have tried to make roads safer.

5. Eurovision 2011: Have Jedward and Blue Made the World's Biggest Song Contest Cool Again?
At Eurovision 2011 celebrities sparked a ratings boomâ€"and more than a few provocative photo shoots. Watched annually by more than 100 million people, Eurovision is the world's most-watched non-sporting event, and the show that launched the careers of former winners like ABBA and Celine Dion. Despite the contest's glorious past and its immense popularity in [...]

6. Stephen Hawking: Heaven Is a 'Fairy Story'
Stephen Hawking has caused quite a stir after calling heaven a myth. According to Hawking, a theoretical physicist whose body is paralyzed by motor neurone disease, there is no heaven, and our brain is like a computer that will stop working when its components fail. He told the Guardian, “There is no heaven or afterlife [...]

7. Rebel on the Road: Saudi Woman Protests Driving Ban
A Saudi housewife protested her nation's driving ban by taking to the roads â€" for four days straight. In Saudi Arabia, where women are banned from driving, one woman is starting a movement. Najla al-Hariri revved up her mission with a four-day spin around the Red Sea city of Jeddah. She took to the streets [...]

8. No White House for the Donald: How Trump Broke the News at NBC's Upfronts
You've probably already read that Donald Trump has announced he won't run for President. (Meaning this was just a publicity stunt? Color NewsFeed shocked.) (LIST: Top 10 Donald Trump Failures) TIME's television critic James Poniewozik was at NBC's upfronts presentation, which presented the network's upcoming hsows, when Donald Trump announced he wouldn't run for president. [...]

9. 'America's Most Wanted' Only Marginally Wanted By Fox
Fox has cancelled its long-running weekly crime series and announced that they will scale it back to four quarterly two-hour specials next season. Though America's Most Wanted, which first aired in 1988, has certainly helped capture criminals (1,151 according to its website), tracking down revenue has proved more difficult in recent years. (LIST: Top 10 [...]

10. What Does Twitter Sound Like? Bleeps and Hums, Of Course!
And NewsFeed had thought all along that Twitter simply sounded like a recipe for success. Rejoice! The world's first piece of music composed using Tweets has taken place. The Twinthesis project uses a computer program to extract sounds from those magical messages of 140 characters or less. The resulting "symphony" consisted of high pitched bleeps [...]


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